Before Jack got Alzheimer’s disease, he was a college professor. He could talk for hours about a wide variety of topics.

Then, as Alzheimer’s ravaged his brain, he lost his ability to speak. So he had to write everything down on paper in order to communicate-even something as simple as letting his wife know he needed a drink of water.

As the disease got worse, Jack couldn’t remember how to spell certain words, and then he couldn’t even recall letters from memory. Here he was-such a powerful and intelligent man, with a still relatively healthy body-and he couldn’t even remember his ABC’s.

And now it’s impossible for Jack to communicate at all. He’s trapped inside his shell of a body.

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Right now, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 69 seconds. But by 2050, someone will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 33 seconds!

Why is this happening? Because these days, more Americans are surviving into their 80s and 90s, thanks to advances in medicine and health technology.

Yet the same healthcare industry that’s helping you live longer can’t keep your brain working longer. So you literally become trapped inside your own body.

And once you’ve gone senile, your doctor has NO “miracle drug” that can cure you and make your brain work again…like it used to.

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