Every Halloween I hear the local media offering helpful suggestions for a safer Halloween. Some of these traditional safety tips and warnings cover anything from inspecting food and candy for signs of malicious tampering, to advice about sticking together in larger groups. This year their warning kids against using non-prescription eye lenses that can damage your eyes.

The list of dangers seems endless for all the goblins, witches and ghouls this Hollow’s eve. Many kids are under-dressed for the cold weather, visually impaired by their masks . . . running around with sharp wands, waving swords and flashing light sabers searching for sugary candies to plunder. Add to that the dangerous baggy costumes, flowing capes and flapping tapestries set to flame by misplaced Jack-o-Lanterns, decorative lights or out-door candles.

Yet, after considering all things . . . nothing compares to a hidden danger lurking in the shadows long after Halloween is gone and over.

According to the most conservative study I could find . . . Americans consume on average about 40 pounds of sugar per person, per year. That’s more than one and a half ounces of sugar per day. 1999 report information is the Economic Research Service [ERS] of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Of course those sugary calories are hidden in soda pops, fruit juices and other less obvious sources. (The Economic Research Service estimated that data on weight of sugar sold.) The ounce and a half of daily sugar doesn’t include honey, sorghum or High Fructose Corn syrups.

Regardless, an ounce and a half of sugar consumed per person per day is ridiculously high. Most studies suggest the reality is many times worse. Bottom line is Americans are destroying their health by eating all this refined and processed sugar.

Refined sugar and High Fructose Corn syrup is contributing directly to the emerging epidemic of diabetes we see in young people today. In fact new evidence states that High Fructose Corn Syrup may be responsible for causing chromium deficiencies.

And all diabetics have at least this one thing in common; they all have a chromium deficiency.

Considering it has been estimated that 25% to possibly 50% of Americans are chromium deficient . . . it’s no wonder diabetes is approaching plague proportions in the U.S.

Keep in mind that tissue levels of chromium tend to decrease with age. However, considering that adult on-set of diabetes has increased more than six-fold between 1950 and 2000 . . . it could be a sign that Americans are aging “biologically” much faster than ever before.

Truth is it may very well be because of refined sugar consumption.

The new science of biology reveals how your genes are controlled by what foods you eat. Simply put, eating refined sugar can lead to heart disease and the painful symptoms of diabetes.

More Type 1 diabetic children are being born today than ever before in medical history. Plus young adults are developing diabetes Type 2 in their 20’s and 30’ now . . . when it used to be during their 30’s and 40’s.

Fact: A child can be “pre-dispos

ed” to being diabetic from diet habits as far away as two generations. That’s means, your Grandmother’s diet, before your mother was born, can either help or hurt your chances of being diabetic. Now because the majority of American calories come from sugary drinks and soda pop, diabetes is skyrocketing.

Bottom line, food can be your medicine or your poison . . . your trick or your treat, the choice for health is yours.

Here are 7 the main side effects of Halloween sugar binging:

  1. High blood sugar triggered depression
  2. High blood sugar triggered inflammation
  3. High blood sugar triggered acne
  4. High blood sugar triggered fatigue
  5. High blood sugar triggered hypertension
  6. High blood sugar triggered migraines
  7. High blood sugar triggered heart disease

. . .and you don’t even want to know what the eighth one is.

There are always healthier choices than following mainstream consumerism. For example, did you know that “unrefined flour” has 40% more chromium than refined flour and “unrefined natural sugar” has 93% more chromium than refined sugar?

So all I’m saying is to get educated now so you can avoid being medicated later . . . diabetes can be prevented and it can be cured. If you don’t believe me now, I guarantee you will later because I’ll prove it to you. But right now you need to know that pre-diabetes or insulin resistance is just as deadly as full-blown diabetes, so here’s some tips to take the TRICK out of your Halloween TREATS.

  • Feed your sweet tooth with real chocolate. Milk chocolate is NOT real chocolate. Your local health food store will have real organic chocolate bars. You’re looking for 60-75% cacao bean content. Warning organic chocolate is not only extremely healthy for your heart, it’s delicious.
  • Oven toast magnesium rich pumpkin seeds in the oven using a little olive oil and sea salt. Most people throw them away, but pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious and the sea salt gives you the trace minerals you need for a healthy body.
  • Make pumpkin granola bars, bread or cookies. Pumpkin is a powerhouse of nutrition, low in calories, fat free and rich with beta carotene, potassium and fiber.

Have fun by being creative . . . and think “seasonal.” Halloween is a celebration of the autumn harvest moon, there is just no reason to ruin your health during such a healthy time of year.

These simple ideas turn tricks into treats and treats into superfoods that can help eliminated the risk of developing heart disease and the symptoms of diabetes.

Live well,

Martin Jacobse
Medical Investigator

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