Last weekend, my wife & I were privileged to be part of an awesome event south of West Palm Beach, Florida. It was Friday the 13th meets Valentine's Day (you probably don't want to see what I dressed up like on Friday the 13th…).

Frank McKinney, a world-renown real estate artist and author, unveiled his latest mansion creation – the Acqua Liana. It is the world's most expensive “green” mansion, which is for sale for $29 million. At the same time, he released 3 books that he wrote.

Frank is a bit of a controversial guy. He's a true Maverick. (I met him last August on a trip I took to Aspen, CO with Yanik Silver's Maverick Business Adventures).

Frank considers himself a modern day Robin Hood. He builds million dollar mansions – on spec – for the ultra rich, and then gives away the profits to the ultra poor. He founded the Caring House Project Foundation 11 years ago, which takes land in Haiti and creates campuses of self-sustainable homes, schools, agricultural farms, and community centers (churches) – combined so the village can survive and thrive on their own.

Another cool thing about Frank is he has a tree house office! I think it's pretty cool that he works from a tiny 220 square-foot tree house that overlooks the ocean. It's quite controversial in his neighborhood, and unfortunately he may have to move it soon due to new zoning regulations. Frank has a swing bridge that spans from his bedroom to his tree house, and that's where he gets his inspiration to build homes and write books. (He also has a bunch of iguana friends he has to step over on the bridge, which he calls his security guards… ha!)

Here's a picture of Frank & I up in his tree house:

Frank McKinney & Joe Barton in his treehouse

Anyway, back to last weekend…

We were able to attend the unveiling of the Acqua Liana in exchange for donating to the Caring House Project Foundation – a very worthy cause which I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for a good charity to donate to. The foundation delivers tremendous value to the people of Haiti. The people in Haiti are the poorest people in the western hemisphere.

One way you can help the people of Haiti is by purchasing one or more of Frank's books.

Click here – – for more details about The Tap, Dead Fred Flying Lunch Boxes and the Good Luck Circle, and Burst This! Frank McKinney's Bubble Proof Real Estate Strategies

I would highly recommend each of these books.

You can buy them directly from Frank on his website – through his links to ( is the cheapest way to get his books).

I'm currently reading Dead Fred to my boys – and they (ok… we!) love it! It's an adventure based on the true story of Frank and his daughter, and the daily 1-mile walks to school they've taken together over 1,100 times!

Here's a picture of my wife & I with Frank's daughter, a.k.a. “Ppeekk” (pronounced Peeky):

Ppeekk from Dead Fred Flying Lunch Boxes and the Good Luck Circle

Frank's books are excellent. His foundation is helping thousands of people in Haiti. And his passion for making a difference in the world is contagious!!

If you're able, I would encourage you to feel the tap, and help people less privileged than yourself. You can start with the people in Haiti who are REALLY suffering (way more than anyone in the USA…).

Take action. Make a difference.

I highly recommend Frank's book “The Tap” – it teaches spiritual principles about God, and how people who are given much, are required to give much. That's how we can show love, by helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

And if you're interested in real estate, buy “Burst This!”

And if you have kids, grandkids, or neighbor kids… definitely pickup a copy of “Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes and the Good Luck Circle!”

God bless,