If you’ve tried repeatedly and still can’t lose those extra pounds, then chances are being overweight is not your fault.

Millions of people are so obsessed with dieting that they can’t see the forest through the trees. In other words, sometimes people get stuck do deeply into something so deeply that they become overwhelmed by the task and lose grip on reality.

There seems to be no end to the gimmicks claiming to “bust your fat” that it can make your head spin. The real problem is after failing over and over, many people just blame themselves instead of admitting these gimmicks are just that, gimmicks.

I’m not saying there is no hope for people who desire a slimmer body. On the contrary, I know without a doubt, that there’s really no secret or gimmick to it. The answer has always remained the same from the beginning of time.

The Mother Of All Natural Solutions Is Desire

When you listen to Mama Nature and use real evidence based science to help explain clearly, you discover a wonderful thing. If you have a desire to do it right, then you will find a way. I’m sure you’d agree, even though it may seem hopeless, that not everything is bad for you.  Mama Nature has a sound underlying purpose.

That’s the reason so many people fail to reach their ideal weight, because they think they have to trick Mama Nature. The cause of rampant obesity in America is due to overweight people who are caught up in these gimmicks. Gimmicks that are in our food for convenience, gimmicks to make food grow faster and gimmicks that are supposed to fool Mama Nature People are fed-up with the tricks, short cuts and false promises.

After generations of commercializing American life, there isn’t much left unprocessed that isn’t a gimmick.

Boycott All Gimmicks!

Let me tell you a secret: there is no secret!  “Gimmick marketing” has turned the world topsy-turvy. What is good for you is considered bad and what is bad for you suddenly is good. What was wrong is right and what was right is wrong.

Look what happen to common sense, now it’s uncommon. Look. If you want to lose unhealthy fat, the first thing is to stop eating unhealthy fat. I know it sounds too simple, but the truth is the same thing that makes animals fat for the slaughter, makes you fat. So, whether you eat like a feed-lot cow, or if you eat grain fed animals, you’re eating unhealthy fat. The best way to reach the ideal weight you’ve been dreaming of is to stop doing what you’ve been doing.

The bottom line is if it’s man-made, then it’s a gimmick. If it’s pure and natural, been around since the dawn of time and has good reviews, well then you may want to look into it.

P.S. Ancient people were rarely fat. Today it’s epidemic. Look to your roots and reconnect with your source. You will improve your weight if you first improve your health.