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      “Ask the Doctor” Q & A: You will get the opportunity to send in your questions and get honest answer from Dr. Saunders, MD, a family practitioner who uses conventional medicine and natural health remedies to treat his patients.

      Healthy Recipes & Eating Ideas: Nothing fancy, expensive, or difficult here.  Every recipe is packed with nourishment and every ingredient can be found right in your local grocery store.  Discover a wealth of information for your mind and body to heal and restore.

      Age-Erasing Breakthroughs: Look as young as you feel! Reverse aging and turn back the clock. Don’t wait until you notice serious effects of aging.  Be proactive.  Take steps today to improve your overall health and longevity.

      Gentle Fitness Tips: Day-by-day you’ll move better, with less pain and more flexibility, as you follow these easy, step-by-step tips from our fitness expert, a former Mr. Universe and internationally acclaimed speaker.  Learn from our motivational coach and #1 Best Selling Author in the field of mind-body health, spirituality and personal empowerment.

      Product Recommendations: After sorting through the maze of health products out there, your Barton Health-Advocate Team uncovers the limited number of products that really work. Don’t be fooled by outlandish claims or inferior products. Follow our recommendations for natural health remedies based on proven and time-tested results!

      FDA Scams & Cover Ups: We are your true health advocates. We’ll uncover secrets that the drug companies don’t want you to know.  Remember – “Disease is not a drug deficiency.”

      Health & Wellness Ladder: Learn how to climb out of the root cause of what ails you and climb up the ladder to every day health and wellness.

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