The Kardea GourmetOver this past year, many of our customers have had success with “The Kardea” approach – thinking healthy, not skinny, and following the delicious approach to eating that Rob Leighton and his co-author, cardiologist Dr. Richard Collins, discuss in their book, The Kardea Gourmet, which is featured in Barton Publishing’s newsletters each month.

As the holiday season approaches, the eating challenge mounts.

I think many of us know from personal experience.

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, there is that unwanted weight gain. Sometimes it is only a few pounds. Sometimes its more. With all the hams and roast beef, cookies and cakes, chips and dips, that challenge runs deeper than weight gain alone. You are doing your body harm.

Then the New Year starts and you are feeling guilty about what you have eaten over the past few months.

Time for that all-too-common New Years Resolution – “I want to lose weight.

But it is almost too late… most of the damage is already done…and you have less energy then you did before.

This year, WITH YOUR HELP, we would like to create a Holiday Season that not only brings the joys of family and friends together, but also brings in meals that are delicious and healthy.

We are looking for your ingenuity to make ALL OF OUR delicious holiday meals healthier. Yes, your famous family recipes can be a healthy winner!

Introducing the Healthy, Happy Holiday Recipe Contest…

The Healthy, Happy Holiday Recipe ContestWe want this to be fun, so with the help of Kardea’s we are launching the Healthy, Happy Holiday Recipe Contest.

How Does It Work?

Submit a recipe that takes a traditional holiday recipe and makes it healthier (or at least less harmful).

Even if it is your grandmother’s famous Sweet Potato Casserole, there are simple additions or substitutions you can add to make an unhealthy recipe – healthy.

What Will You Get For Your Participation?

A free copy of The 2011 Healthy, Happy Recipe Cookbook will be sent to anyone submitting a recipe.

Prizes Too?

Absolutely, anyone submitting a recipe will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes:

5 Bronze Prize Winners Will Receive:
1 Set of Kardea’s Mediterranean Spice Blends plus 50 page recipe book enabling high antioxidant cooking. 1 Copy of the Home Remedy Survival Blueprint – This Essential Report Reveals How to Beat 28 Destructive Health Threats.

3 Silver Prize Winners Will Receive:
Bronze awards plus Autographed 1st Edition Copy of The Kardea Gourmet and White Paper of Nutrients for Natural Cholesterol Management. Free VIP Access to all of Barton Publishing’s Remedy Reports now and future.

1 Gold Prize Winner Will Receive:
The Bronze & silver awards plus a personalized session with Rob Leighton, The Kardea Gourmet, on remaking your diet for heart healthy weight management. Lifetime membership to Home Cures That Work monthly health publication.

Submit Your Health Holiday Recipe For A Chance To Win

Here is what you will need to do to make your family or favorite recipe a Healthy, Happy Holiday Recipe.

The 2011 Healthy Happy Holiday Cookbook recipes will be selected from your submissions and from some of the best that the Kardea and Barton Publishing teams can come up with.  We are looking for recipes that makes your family’s holiday meals healthier.

We will be looking at two categories:

  1. Tweak the recipe: replace some ingredients that do us harm with others that help.
  2. Abandon a recipe: replace the entire recipe with something that is much healthier.

“Healthier” covers lots of ground, but generally it looks to improving the nutritional balance – increasing the amounts of vegetables, whole grains and fruits while decreasing the amount of meat, whole-milk dairy, salt, sugar and simply carbohydrates like white flours and white rice.

Got Your Recipe In Mind? Submit It Here

Some specific ideas:

  • Replace bad carbs with good carbs. (Anybody have a great whole grain and nut Turkey stuffing?)
  • Replace a processed ingredient with fresh ingredients. (How about a string bean casserole that uses only fresh ingredients instead of canned fried onions and canned mushroom soup?)
  • Create a healthier plate of snacks and appetizers (something more interesting than replacing chips, cheese and salsa with celery and carrots).
  • Finding ways to reduce the amount of “bad” fats, like those found in red meat, processed meats and butter:
  • with healthier fats (replacing a meat dish with a fish dish)
  • or reducing the amount of fats and oils used to make healthy foods (like a salad with a vinaigrette with 1/2 the oil and no cheese).

Kardea's Better PieHere is one that The Kardea Gourmet will be trying: replacing the three pies at Thanksgiving – apple, pumpkin and mince – with one that includes a dazzling display of fruit and nuts.

The opportunities are endless, just remember that you are simply looking to create a healthier balance — that shifts toward more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as close to nature as possible, while enjoying any other foods, just less of it (and if it is highly processed, even less).

Recipes need to be received by October 31.

Submit Your Health Holiday Recipe For A Chance To Win