13 Healthy FAT-BURNING Snack Ideas for Between Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

by Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of best-sellers:  The Truth About Six Pack Abs The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

I receive a lot of questions from my readers where they have been doing much better at choosing healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, but they are still struggling to find good ideas for healthy snacks and quick midday meals that are small or like a snack and can be brought to the office or on road trips (so you can avoid the fast junk food!).

Some people may call these “healthy snacks,” but I prefer to consider them small meals because they should be similar in size to your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, if you want to spread your calorie intake out over the full day – to “graze” so to speak.

After all, I'm sure it's no secret by now that eating 5-6 small meals per day is a much better strategy (for blood sugar control and appetite control) for getting lean compared to the traditional “3 squares” a day (which for most people, turns into only 2 big meals/day as many skip breakfast).

The problem that I see most people having is being prepared enough to bring healthy midday foods with them to work for the day. If you don't plan ahead, and bring something healthy and balanced with you when you're out and about for the day, or at work, you're going to end up choosing the junk food at the vending machine or corner store.

So here are some of my favorite natural healthy midday foods that are small meals that I've used for years with great success for fat-burning and that lots of my clients love too. I want to keep things simple here, so I'm just gonna give a couple of my easiest, quickest, and healthiest…

Quick, healthy snack ideas to keep your body lean:

PB Fudge

  1. Apple or other fruit with almond butter
  2. Hummus with carrot sticks or sliced red/yellow/orange peppers
  3. Guacamole with carrot sticks or sliced red/yellow/orange peppers
  4. Ricotta cheese (grass-fed if possible) mixed with cocoa powder, stevia, and vanilla extract (delicious high protein, low carb snack!)
  5. Cottage cheese mixed with yogurt, berries, and walnuts or pecans
  6. A couple hard boiled eggs with carrot and celery sticks and hummus (roasted red pepper hummus is my favorite)
  7. Celery sticks with organic peanut butter or almond butter (a classic quick healthy snack)
  8. My famous healthy chocolate FUDGE recipe
  9. Avocado slices wrapped in nitrate-free deli turkey breast (one of my favorite quick snacks)
  10. A piece of sprouted grain toast (sprouted-grain preferred nutritionally over “whole grain”) with almond butter or pecan butter and berries
  11. Fresh sliced pineapple with a handful of macadamia nuts
  12. A bowl of blueberries mixed with raw almonds
  13. My quick and healthy fat-burning chocolate pudding recipe
  14. Cottage cheese with cinnamon, apple slices, and walnuts (mmm, mmm good)

That should give you some food ideas to start working with when you are looking for a small meal midday .  Now you have ZERO EXCUSES for resorting to junk food snacks on the road or at the office, when you have all of the delicious and fat-burning healthy snack ideas right here!

Looking for something to snack on? Stave off the afternoon slump (without caffeine!) with these healthy snacks. Share them with your co-worker or friends for when the midday slump hits!

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