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How You Can Blow Out Disease With A Single Breath

Breathe There are more than 100 common toxins found in aerosols, pharmaceuticals and weed killer that you absorb, ingest or inhale simply because you live in an industrialized country.

No matter how you look at it, any level of toxicity isn’t good for your cells. If it’s bad for you cells, it’s bad for your organs – and your whole body, for that matter.

There are only a few key ingredients you really need to guarantee a healthy and vibrant life:

1)  Air
2)  Water
3)  Food
4)  Sunlight
5)  A purpose

I’m hoping you already know what your “special purpose” is: whatever inspires you to get up and out of bed each day. It’s the way you chose to contribute to your community, your country and even the world.

The stars are your limit.

You need 15 minutes of sun everyday, if you can get it. Of course, any sunlight is better than none, but know your limits based on sensitivity.

Your skin and sunlight work together to make vitamin D, which you need to make calcium for healthy bones, muscles and nerves. Of course, calcium needs magnesium, which needs zinc… which needs 72 other trace minerals, too.

When you eat plants grown in the ocean and on the land, you also get sunlight hidden in minerals, vitamins and other vital cofactors.

The next ingredient is water. Every cell is made of water. Your brain is 90% water and your blood is almost exactly like sea water, even similar to the blood of plants called chlorophyll.

Water carries the minerals into your cells so you can better absorb vitamins and stuff. You also need water to help flush away toxic waste from the environment and food you eat. Natural sourced mineral water is best.

Obviously you need air; it doesn’t take long to prove that. How long can you hold your breath?

Have you ever tried to empty your lungs out completely?

Go ahead try it, take a deep breath like you’re going to blow up a balloon, now breathe all the way out until there’s nothing left to blow. Now, wait. . .

Don’t breathe in right away . . . Okay, do that as long as you can stand it. Push yourself to get the full experience. Okay, now breathe back in.

Did you notice how DEEP you breathed in?!

Most people breathe too shallow. The deeper you breathe the more oxygen you’ll get and the faster you’ll eliminate toxic build-up in your cells, presuming you’ve drank enough water today.

In 1904, a Russian doctor of natural medicine and Nobel Prize winner by the name of Eli Metchnikoff (1) discovered that the body would recycle any toxin that it was not capable of flushing out.

There are 7 ways your body eliminates toxins to help prevent possible disease:

1)  Liver
2)  Lymphatic system
3)  Blood
4)  Skin
5)  Colon
6)  Kidneys
7)  Lungs

All of these are important, but the most vital is your lungs. As you noticed, you can go without everything else longer.

The ancient Yogis of India knew this and did amazing things through the power of breathing.

Proper BreathingThe best way to stay healthy is to exercise your lungs. Deep breathing of fresh air is the best exercise for your lungs. Try to spend 5 minutes, 3 times each doing deep breathing exercises.

Yours for excellent health,

Joe Barton
Founder & CEO
Barton Publishing, Inc.

P.S. There is an ancient science of breathing called Pranayama and a modern one called HeartMath.

1Schmalstieg, Frank C; Goldman Armond S (May. 2008). “Ilya Ilich Metchnikoff (1845-1915) and Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915): the centennial of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine”. Journal of Medical Biography (England) 16 (2): 96–103. doi:10.1258/jmb.2008.008006. PMID 18463079.