The other day, I overdid it on the spicy food.

The heartburn crept up on me.

Suddenly, it felt like my entire throat was on fire. I mean, it was excruciating.

eat red delicious apple to remedy acid refluxIn the old days, I might’ve reached for the Zantac, or a Prilosec.

But after reading the recent reports from the FDA that show these kinds of drugs have very serious potential side effects, who wants to take them?

Nobody, that’s who.

Plus, taking those “acid reducers” is really bad for your health.

You see, the good Lord designed you to have acid in your stomach. It’s how you digest food.

So when you take a pill or chew a tablet to reduce acid, you end up not digesting your food. That food just sits in your gut… And rots.

The chemical balance of your body gets thrown off, and these drugs rob your body of vitamin B and your natural protection against diseases.

But you and I know the hard truths.

When you’ve got a four-alarm fire going on your gut, you’ll take anything to get relief. Even if it’s bad for you.

I’ve got really good news… There’s a simple weird little trick that is 100% natural…

And it relieves heartburn and acid reflux better than any of those pills.

It has no side effects.

In fact, it’s even good for you.

Here’s the trick: simply eat a red, delicious apple. A simple apple triggers chemical changes in your gut that soothe your burning stomach and esophagus. Without the dangerous side effects
of drugs.

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You could be experiencing relief in just a couple of minutes from now.

Because you probably have many of these remedies in your refrigerator.