Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to join up with some other like-minded entrepreneurs for a “Maverick Business Adventure” getaway to Aspen, Colorado. We did some whitewater rafting, rapelling, rock climbing, mountain biking and 4×4'ing in the beautiful rocky mountains. We also had some strategic business sessions, sharing ideas and learning new things to help us grow our businesses.

Here's a pic of me rapelling down a cliff with my “Inconceivable” t-shirt on (thanks Mike!):


Here's a pic of me with 3 awesome internet entrepreneurs, Yanik Silver, Mike Hill and Mike Filsaime. I really appreciate these guys, and it was great to be on top of a mountain with some of the internet's smartest thinkers and “doers”:

4 guys on a mountain

We also had the opportunity to meet with about 75 cool kids in Aspen, in a round-table discussion of being an entrepreneur. We spent a couple hours sharing helpful strategies and ideas to help these kids realize they can accomplish their goals if they set their mind to it and take some risks. This is a pic of me with a 12-year old future-millionaire, Garrett. He's already got an ebay business, and he was taking a slew of notes, which was awesome to see!

12 year old ebay entrepreneur

One of the most memorable parts of this trip was the opportunity to meet Frank McKinney. He is a maverick by anyone's definition. He builds multi-million dollar mansions on the Gold Coast in Florida – he's about to unveil a $29 million “green” home in February – and then uses the proceeds to help build houses and orphanages in poverty-stricken Haiti. Frank's home office is a treehouse in his backyard, and in February I'm planning to attend his Ultimate Tour of Extremes. If you're loo

king for a charitable organization to contribute to, I highly recommend Frank's Caring House Project.

Frank McKinney and Joe Barton

The day after I got home from Aspen, I was riding bikes with my kids in the driveway. I told my 7 year old, Sedric, that I'd race him around the driveway. Sure enough, he was beating me… until he wiped out around a turn and unfortunately he broke his leg. It bummed him out for a few days, but now (one week later) he's doing a lot better. He's making the most of using his wheelchair around the house, and we're trying to get him to use his crutches more. School starts Wednesday, so thankfully he had some time to practice. Here's a pic of Sed in the hospital, playing with his new Webkins online. Hey, maybe he'll be the next young entrepreneur of the family! 🙂

Sed's broken leg

UPDATE: Here's a picture of Sed in his cool green wheelchair, singing karaoke on our Wii – he's adapted quite well to his new mode of transportation, and I'm very proud of his great attitude through this challenge!

Sed Wheelchair

I hope you enjoyed these pics and another glimpse into the life of an internet entrepreneur. I'm blessed to be able to work from home, and I'm thankful for everyone who visits Barton Publishing and recommends our natural remedy reports to their friends and family.

God bless you & yours!


p.s. Last weekend, I was reminded of a heroic story of the Father's love for us, pictured through the life of a Dad and his son. Watch this video for a heart-warming story of a hero: