Being blessed with a baby is a precious gift, one that requires a certain amount of preparation to welcome with open hands. Making sure that your baby gets a healthy start in life is one of your biggest priorities.

The purpose of the March issue of Home Cures That Work is to give you the absolute best and most current recommendations for a naturally healthy pregnancy.

Natural pregnancy includes creating an internal and external environment of healthy, positive elements: healthy eating, appropriate exercise, listening to positive birth stories, gathering knowledge, planning the ideal care, and partnering with a caregiver who can lead you through each step safely and confidently.

I know it is a major challenge to sort through all the resources, opinions and questions, so I did the hard work for you to provide some simple, practical, and solid tips for helping you to bring the healthiest child possible into this world.

If you want your pregnancy to be a natural one, choose to see the beauty in a new little life and embrace it whole heartedly.

Pregnancy is natural. Work with it naturally.

P.S. Pregnancy is a time of great home, dreams and beginnings. There is no greater time to explore what your natural health while preparing for a new family member. I invite you to grab a cup of red raspberry leaf tea, sit back and surf through our March issue of Home Cures That Work. I hope you’ll find some great information and ideas for your pregnancy journey.