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Parkinson’s Disease: The Mystery, the Myth and the Magic

I’ve lectured to the Parkinson’s Association and treated the wife of the President of the local Parkinson’s Society with great success. One of the reasons for this success is that I don’t perceive Parkinson’s as a Disease, but rather a SYMPTOM of a fundamental imbalance or deficiency. I have looked at things nobody else has looked at in order to address the cause of the SYMPTOM. Discover for yourself the root cause of Parkinson’s HERE

4 Supplements That Naturally Protect Neurons

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The neurons have already started dying in the part of the brain in Parkinson’s patients. Then a domino effect destroys the rest of your cells. But there are supplements that protect the nervous system and promote neuron growth. By rethinking your Parkinson’s supplements, you can protect dopamine neurons affected by Parkinson’s with naturally occurring chemicals. Click HERE to add these supplements.

Parkinson’s Anti-Aging Supplements

The most promising approach for nutritional treatment for Parkinson’s disease appears to be the use of antioxidants to slow the oxidation and damage to the substantia nigra. Some of the following nutrients may not be directly involved in making more dopamine, but could well improve general cognitive abilities or provide other benefits. To improve Parkinson’s prognosis, use these common anti-aging supplements HERE.

Letter From The Editor on Parkinson’s Disease

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago. This issue is dedicated to him. Read his story HERE.

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