Quick question…

PPI antacidsWhich of these five surprising, but common, acid reflux symptoms do you have?

  1. Sore throat
  2. Cough
  3. Trouble swallowing
  4. Hoarseness
  5. Bitter taste

If you experience two or more of these symptoms, especially if they are sometimes accompanied by heartburn, then you may have acid reflux disease.

Your first instinct might be to grab one of the common over-the-counter remedies, such as Prilosec, Prevacid, and other PPIs (“Proton Pump Inhibitors”). Don’t do it!!!

These PPIs (as well as the other common group of dangerous acid reflux drugs, called “antacids”) create another, potentially greater risk to your health.

Antacids and PPIs are literally starving your body of vital nutrients. This leads to all sorts of deadly health conditions. Some conditions linked to PPIs: dementia, irregular heartbeat,iron deficiency, pneumonia, fatigue, brittle bones, and more.

These drugs, and others, do provide temporary relief from the pain of acid reflux. But they do so by suppressing the acid in your digestive system.

The problem is, you need the acid for proper digestion.

Even though you may be eating a healthy diet, your body is not extracting the vitamins and minerals it needs from the food you consume.

The good news is you do not have to take these dangerous acid reflux drugs ever again – and there is relief for your painful acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.

acid reflux tipsSo what do you do instead? How do you get pain relief from the symptoms of acid reflux without taking PPIs?

Here are 3 simple tips that will help you combat Acid Reflux:

  1. If you smoke, quit. Smoking only makes reflux worse.
  2. Calm down. Stress triggers the symptoms of acid reflux.
  3. Eat small, frequent meals. A full stomach equals more reflux. Eat less, and more often.

Try those tips, and watch your acid reflux symptoms diminish. These are just a few of the interesting tactics my team and I spell out in this free video presentation:

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