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More on that in a moment…first, let me tell you what possessed us to prepare this freebie…

Did you know research

shows that nearly all overweight people skip breakfast?

If that sounds like you don’t worry – it’s not

your fault.

See, the commonly spread misconception is that skipping breakfast helps you eat fewer calories.

But this can be a HUGE mistake if you want to lose Belly Fat.  In fact, you could be packing on more pounds each time you sidestep your morning plate.

If you skip a healthy breakfast, you’ll tend to replace those lost calories throughout the day with more frequent snacking and by eating more calories during lunch and dinner.

So you actually end up taking in more fat during the day.

And each of these gluttonous meals brings your blood sugar levels up to a lofty peak causing a large release of insulin. During this insulin spike your body cannot use that energy for fuel and instead will store it in some…highly visible places.

But that’s not all…

Skipping breakfast will also cause you to eat later in the day to make up for lost nutritional needs. You’ll likely eat closer to bedtime too and this is one of the top reasons for unnecessary weight gain (remedy #27 in my new report – The Fat Loss Remedy Solution reveals the simple fix).

FACT: Food digested during your sleep cycle is stored as fat.

Here’s why…

When you sleep your body runs at a much slower rate so repairs can take place, and rest is most easily achieved. Your metabolism is also slowed because normally, you don’t need to metabolize food while you sleep.

So when you eat late (as the naughty fast-food drive thrus encourage), your body simply cannot process the meal as it does when you’re awake. Bam – you’re piling up the fat. And if you go beyond the amount of calories your body needs – which is what happens when you eat before bed – your fat storage increases exponentially.

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