6 Amazing Cures That Don’t Work and 1 That Does!

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Modern medicine has been made into a god by a population of people who look to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies to save them. The rate of deaths from error at the hands of the medical establishment is astonishing. The trouble is, health care is just too profitable to conventional doctors whose livelihood depends on treating disease. I am amazed at the myriad of bizarre things people put their trust in, so here are my top six cures I recommend never trying at home!  A disease is said to be incurable, but I personally know that God is the only complete answer. How many people ignore this, lost in a culture that over-rewards rationalism and godless science?

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Weird Elephant Yam “Liberates” Antioxidants & Tames Cravings 


Here is something you absolutely must know!   If you are not eating enough of this, then your body may not be absorbing essential antioxidants, like those found in berries and other fruits like pomegranate, teas, red wine, herbs or spices. You see, many of these antioxidants simply are difficult for our bodies to break down! Now, an Asian root known as the elephant yam, or konjac, has been shown to help the bodies naturally “liberate” the active ingredients in high antioxidant foods and supplements..

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Cures in the Cabinet

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Of course there are some health staples you should never be without — bandages or first aid kit. But you can treat or cure a surprising number of minor ailments with these unexpected household objects and foods. You don’t have to roam the aisles of a health food store or drugstore to find a cure for what ails you. You most likely have an entire medicine cabinet right inside the walls of your kitchen cabinets! Many of these effective and safe remedies may surprise you. Others you may recognize as old wives tales passed down through the generations.  In any case, you can forget the pharmacy and transform your health with these home cures that work!

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Folk wisdom lauds many herbs and spices as helpful, like cinnamon keeping blood sugar from rising. Home Cures That Work put together a collection of weird and wacky home remedies that can be surprisingly effective for a number of common ailments. These affordable and surprising treatments can ease everyday illnesses, such as headaches and constipation, as well as deal with some of life’s aches and pains. These crazy remedies are doctor approved and non-drug approaches that just might bring best results! Some of these crazy remedies are even doctor approved!  The proof is in the cinnamon!

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P.S.  Getting back to the basics has its reward. Do you have a favorite home remedy that you swear by? What cure have you put to the test? If you have a personal experience to share, please take your promising remedy out of the kitchen and into the hands of others!