When pain flares up, you just want it to stop. And you want it to stop now.

If you take a pill, you’ll have to wait. The pain could still be throbbing away 15… 30… even 60 minutes from now.

Besides, pills don’t deliver their active ingredients to where you hurt. They deliver them all over your body. So that sore joint or muscle just gets a tiny fraction of the pill’s pain relieving ingredients.

What you need is a solution that delivers all its pain relieving power right where you need it. And delivers it instantly.

Now you can finally experience that kind of fast, targeted relief. Relief that instantly goes to work right where you hurt. No delay… no wasted ingredients.

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The secret is a powerful combination of 10 proven pain relievers that you gently rub on wherever you feel pain. It absorbs quickly through your skin, so there’s no waiting for pills to digest. Now you can feel sweet relief almost instantly.

And because you apply it directly to where you hurt, none of the active ingredients are wasted. It’s fast relief that goes straight to where you need it most.

Our friends at the Healthy Back Institute carefully selected 10 unique pain relievers to attack every kind of pain. This is the first and only pain relief formula I’ve seen work for everyone who’s tried it!

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what users are saying…

  • “… 5 to 10 minutes later my pain is completely gone.”
  • “The relief is immediate and lasts a long time.”
  • “Before… if I had to rate my pain, it would have been a 9 on the pain scale, now it is a ZERO.”

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And don’t worry. This isn’t one of those greasy, smelly creams that leave stains on your clothes and make everyone back off three paces. It’s greaseless and odorless. So you can use it any time, anywhere.

It’s your perfect pain relief solution…

  • No delays… starts working instantly
  • Delivers 100% of it’s pain-relieving power right where you need it
  • Designed to beat any kind of pain
  • No embarrassing stains or odors

Plus, you’re covered by the Institute’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. You simply can’t lose.

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