Remember playing connect-the-dots as a kid? Drawing a straight line from number to number in the correct order — revealing a fun picture that you’d then proudly show off to your parents…

Well who knew that “connecting-the-dots” would lead an arthritis sufferer to the big BREAKTHROUGH in reversing joint pain and arthritis for good!

You see, for many years Dr. Mark Wiley immersed himself in researching powerful arthritis treatments from both Western “modern medicine” and Eastern medicine (including healing methods from China, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and beyond)…

Arthritis Pain relief

He “connected the dots” between the most powerful approaches to develop the method that is proven to reverse arthritis within 30 days…

For the past 15 years, he has been the “go-to doctor” for patients seeking to end their pain — arthritis and otherwise — for good…

And now Dr. Wiley has (finally!) released his comprehensive step-by-step plan so YOU can put it’s “magic” to work for you!

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As Founder of Barton Publishing, and one of the world’s most popular and respected pain websites, I’ve read virtually every pain- and arthritis-related book that’s come out in the past 20 years, and with 100% CONFIDENCE I can tell you this…

No one has ever pulled together all the answers for ending arthritis into one self-directed approach like Dr. Wiley has with this book!

In your personal “30-Day Arthritis Relief Action Plan,” Dr. Wiley helps you address all five critical areas of arthritis recovery:

  1. Understand the causes and solutions of your arthritis
  2. Reduce your current symptoms
  3. Stop the progression of arthritis in your body
  4. Arthritis_FreePrevent arthritis painful flare ups
  5. Regenerate healthy tissue to reverse arthritis damage

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