Two times a year I get a new toothbrush and flip my mattress.  The daylight savings time change is an easy reminder to do this.  I've also started twice a year with a detox regiment.   One week has passed and I can tell the difference already in the way I feel, how I think (way less muddled) and even in how I look – my face definitely looks more youthful.  Whether you keep to the clock to remind you that your body needs to hit the reboot button and clean out those toxins or “viruses,” Chlorella is a safe, friendly and effective supplement to add your diet – anytime.  Plus, at only $19.97, Chlorella is a price-beating vitamin product as it beats out harmful toxins.

As the 'Go Green' movement gains momentum and you become more environmentally conscious, it's also important to remember your internal environment too. Taking steps to rid your body of harmful toxins is crucial to keeping your body energized and rejuvenated.* That's why I recommend adding nutrient-rich Premium Chlorella to your diet. It helps detoxify and strengthen your body's internal systems.*

Despite most people's best intentions, we still live in a very toxic world… we're surrounded by toxins of all kinds, some worse than others.

The good news is — there are many “green” efforts underway around the globe to help us all make better life choices… to cause less impact to the earth.

Let's face it, you're continuously bombarded with toxic influences in your environment. That's why it's crucial for you to use environmentally-friendly products that cause less impact to our planet.

But even if you try to “go green” environmentally, you may still end up with unwanted toxins inside your body.

Going forward, I recommend that you commit yourself to eating all-natural unprocessed foods as much as possible. This should help limit your future exposure to environmental toxins.

Plus, it's important for you to start removing as many impurities from your body as possible.

When it comes to removing toxins already in your system, I believe you need a smart treatment protocol to begin to detoxify your body as soon as possible.

So here's…

How You Can Detoxify with a Well-Researched Green Food-Based Formula

A few years ago, I was fortunate to team up with one of the world's leading authorities on detoxification, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

Chlorella — the “mercury magnet” — is one of the purest natural green foods known to humankind.
Chlorella is one of the purest natural green foods known to humankind.

Together, we produced a paper published in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (March 2001). From our studies, we both concluded that an amazing natural green algae, chlorella, is an excellent source for detoxification.*

Chlorella works to effectively filter out toxins from your body.*

Our exhaustive work on the article further convinced me to offer you the best chlorella I could find: the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella formula.

The broken cell wall chlorella supplement is an excellent detoxification agent*  but that's not all. There are many other ways it can benefit you…

Discover All Your Advantages from Using this Pure Green Food

  1. Aids your body in its natural removal of potential toxins from your system*
    • Acts as an efficient detoxification agent to help rid your body of toxins*
    • Serves as an “intelligent” algae by not binding to (and therefore not removing) essential nutrients you need
    • Just like your passion for the environment, you're determined to clean up and detoxify your own body as well*
  2. Boosts your immune system*Chlorella
    • Provides your body with an added defense mechanism*
    • Helps strengthen your overall immune system response*
    • You'll feel good about giving yourself an added boost to promote your healthy lifestyle*
  3. Helps you better digest your food*
    • Delivers enzymes such as pepsin and chlorophyllase ,which promote your healthy digestion*
    • Helps support an efficient elimination system by boosting growth of beneficial flora in your intestinal tract*
    • Just by doing everything possible to get optimal benefits from the food you eat, you'll make an important step in taking control of your health
  4. Freshens your breath *
    • Helps freshen your breath with chlorophyll*
    • Aids in reducing elimination odors*
    • You'll feel more confident knowing you have fresh, healthy breath — to go with your vibrant smile*
  5. Delivers a natural antioxidant in the form of beta-carotene*
    • Helps boost your immune system with its antioxidant content*
    • Provides your body with potential added defense against free radicals*
    • You'll be ready to face your day with a positive outlook, knowing your body has an added boost*

By now, you should start to see the strength of this all-natural green food and understand why I believe it provides you with extraordinary benefits.

And there's one very powerful technical reason…

Why There's Really No Comparison

Harvested from the pristine waters of the Ishigaki Islands of southern Japan, the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella utilizes an exclusive advanced processing technique.

This unique processing breaks open the plant's cell wall and unlocks chlorella's nutritional bounty for your optimal bioavailability*. This simply means you can absorb and digest the chlorella at high levels.*

With the special processing of broken cell wall chlorella, very little of its nutrient power wastes away. In fact, an independent animal study by the Japanese Food Hygiene Association showed the digestibility of broken cell wall chlorella to be an astounding 83%.*

See the chart below as to how broken cell wall chlorella advanced processing technique compares to other common ways used to treat chlorella.

There's really no comparison… this is what makes broken cell wall chlorella so special and why I selected it for you to use.

Digestibility key:

Dr. Mercola's Premium broken cell wall chlorella Advanced Processing

Commonly available heat-treated chlorella

Untreated whole-cell chlorella

Digestibility Chart

Within the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella formula, there's one very important benefit I feel you should know more about and understand…

Why Phytonutrient-Rich Chlorophyll is so Powerful

Years ago in ravaged, post-war Japan, the people faced a serious nutrient shortage.

Out of this shortage, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Japanese Government co-sponsored research on growing, harvesting, and processing chlorella on a large commercially-available scale.


The chlorophyll-rich green algae showed tremendous nutrient-rich value to help solve the shortage problem.

Chlorophyll’s nutrient-rich properties can promote growth and repair of your body’s tissues.*
Chlorophyll's nutrient-rich properties can promote growth and repair of your body's tissues.*

Japan was not the only country to face nutrient shortage issues after World War II.

Through my colleague, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, I learned of a woman who lived in China during the post-war.

She told Dr. Klinghardt how her village gained the nutrients they needed by taking nutrient-rich chlorella.

So, this is more historical evidence as to the extraordinary natural nutrient source provided by chlorella… a pure green algae rich in chlorophyll.

But what are the specific benefits that chlorophyll can provide you?

Here are just a few benefits you may experience as chlorophyll…*

  • Aids you in processing more oxygen*
  • Cleanses key elimination systems like your bowel, liver, and blood*
  • Helps purify your blood and clean away toxins*
  • Aids you in promoting optimal blood pressure*
  • Supports elimination of molds in your body*
  • Helps neutralize bad air you might breathe in*
  • Promotes growth and repair of your tissues*

From all this, you should see the natural power chlorophyll can provide you.

Broken cell wall chlorella is an excellent nutrient-rich pure source to help you detoxify and complement your healthy diet*.

Now I want to take you a little deeper so you can better understand…

How Chlorella Works So Well in Your Body

My studies convinced me chlorella plays a crucial role in systemic detoxification — because the majority of toxin removal happens through your stool.*

Once the detoxification occurs in your intestines, toxins from other body tissues more readily migrate into your intestines — where chlorella helps effectively remove them.*

Chlorella’s cleansing action on your bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of your liver, helps promote clean blood.*
Chlorella's cleansing action on your bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of your liver, helps promote clean blood.*

Chlorella consists of a fibrous, outer shell (20%) with inner nutrients (80%).

It's this fibrous, tough cell wall which binds with toxins.*

In addition, a clean bloodstream with an abundance of red blood cells to carry oxygen is necessary to support your strong natural defense system.*

Chlorella's cleansing action on your bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of your liver, helps promote clean blood.* And clean blood helps assure metabolic waste get efficiently carried away from your tissues.*

So, would any old chlorella formula do all this?

Not necessarily…As with any supplement I recommend on my site, I established stringent criteria to find you the ultimate chlorella formula: broken cell wall chlorella.

This thorough process ensures you can take full advantage of all the benefits chlorella has to offer.

My strict criteria for selecting a top-notch chlorella supplement for you?

It must:

  • Deliver a pure whole food formula that is highly digestible
  • Be all-natural without synthetic ingredients
  • Come from a highly reputable company with the strictest quality control and safety standard practices in place

And the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella supplement passes all of my tough criteria with flying colors. It's by far the best chlorella formula I've found to date.

With all the amazing benefits of the broken cell wall chlorella formula, whatever you do…

Don't Settle for Inferior Quality

As you probably already know from other supplements I offer on my site, it's not enough that the product itself is superior to others.

The developer and manufacturer of chlorella must also demonstrate proven quality and safety standard practices.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of chlorella supplements on the market today… but there are only a few great ones out there… and even fewer utilize the advanced processing technique of the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella formula.

That's why I spent many long months researching to identify what I believe is one of the top chlorella supplement manufacturers in the world today.

Here's why I firmly believe the manufacturer of the broken cell wall chlorella supplement clearly stands apart in quality standard practices:

  • Awarded ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems
  • Obtained ISO 9001-HACCP certification for food safety — HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a 7-point system where food manufacturers identify potential hazards that can be introduced during the production processes. They then must thoroughly demonstrate and verify how such hazards can be eliminated.
  • Awarded patent for its unique outdoor sunray cultivation process for chlorella ultra fine powder
  • Continually passes quality checks under strict sanitary management scrutiny certified by the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association
  • Produces naturally cultivated chlorella in exclusive open-air cultivation pools using pristine quality water and bright sunlight

You should clearly see why I chose this manufacturer to provide you with the highest quality Broken Cell Wall Chlorella supplement.

Don't ever settle for a supplement not solidly backed by a manufacturer practicing the highest quality and safety standards.

To you, quality means a consistent top-of-the-line product every time you use it.

How High-Quality Means Exceptional Value You Can Rely On

Chlorella is one of the most heavily researched algae in the world.

Chlorella is also a very popular algae — with millions of satisfied users.

It is one of the most common supplements used in Japan today. The Japanese people frequently take it by adding it to tea, soup, milk, juice, noodles, yogurt, and other foods.

There are thousands of research papers on chlorella from medical institutions, scientific journals, and universities. At one time, NASA even earmarked chlorella to be grown on the international space station.

The bottom line: chlorella is an amazing green food-based supplement with research backing up its overall safety and effectiveness.

And with its exclusive advanced processing technique, the broken cell wall chlorella supplement delivers the consistent high quality and reliability you've come to expect.

I feel this is a remarkable formula that will help you in so many ways.

And here are…

My Top Reasons for You to “Go Green” Now

Now you should understand why I'm so excited to bring you this extraordinary broken cell wall chlorella formula. It passed all of my stringent selection criteria for a supplement to offer on my site.

It's simply a remarkable natural whole green food-based supplement, packed with nutrient-rich chlorophyll.

Let me quickly summarize all this for you with my top 5 reasons why you should order the incredible Broken Cell Wall Chlorella supplement without delay.

The Broken Cell Wall Chlorella supplement has the potential to:*

  1. Help you remove potentially toxic metals from your body*
  2. Boost your immune system*
  3. Help you digest your food more efficiently*
  4. Eliminate bad breath and help freshen your breath at the same time*
  5. Energize and reinvigorate your body*

Take Action Now and Rejuvenate Your Body with the Nutrient-Packed
Green Power of Chlorella

Isn't it time you took action and ordered the broken cell wall chlorella supplement today?

With my extensive research and experience, I've taken all your guess-work out of finding the optimal chlorella supplement.

When using chlorella our experience suggests it is best to work your way up to 50 tablets per day, over 7 days. This may sound like a lot, but these are very small pills.  You can continue at this dose for one to several months, and then lower the dose 5 pills, three times a day.  A small number of people may notice an allergic reaction, typically less than 1%. If you notice any allergic symptoms, you will want to stop until your symptoms clear, then restart at the lower dose.

Sure, there are chlorella supplements offering even higher per tablet dosages. But how confident will you feel about their digestibility and absorbability?

And how satisfied will you be with the quality of their manufacturing processes?

Because with my broken cell wall chlorella formula, you know you'll benefit from:

  • A natural, pure green food, harvested from the pristine waters of the Ishigaki Islands of Japan
  • One of the most highly-digestible and absorbable formulas of chlorella available*
  • A formula packed with nutrient-rich chlorophyll
  • A consistent product backed by a manufacturer with exceptional high-quality standard practices
  • A supplement with proven reliability

When it comes to chlorella, I've simply not found a better product for your money than the Broken Cell Wall Chlorella formula.

Please don't be fooled by other formulas not treated using the broken cell wall chlorella advanced processing technique.

I'm so convinced my broken cell wall chlorella supplement is an incredible product to help you detoxify your body and energize your health*… I'm offering you a 100% lifetime guarantee. See details below.

At only $19.97, I've priced the broken cell wall chlorella supplement.

So, don't delay any longer, order your Dr. Mercola's Premium Chlorella today!