Want to start off your day with a huge burst of energy that lasts for hours? Try taking a cold shower!

Alternatively, you can end your hot shower with a 20-30 second ice-cold finish for nearly the same effect.

Many people already do this… and I know I've heard of it before, but I didn't practice it myself until tonight.

Other people have shared some very cool comments, and I'd like to pass a few of them on to you for more perspective and encouragement:

My doctor told me that cold showers helps itching skin and also help you feel warmer in the winter months.”

“Been doing it for years now, at 51 years Im not going to stop. It feels good and keeps my skin from drying out. You should try air drying too.”

“I have started doing an alternative approach to that and it is at the end of a “normal temp” shower, turn the shower to cool/cold, then switch back to hot. Do three sessions of the hot/cold routine and end with cold. I have just gone thru cancer treatments (chemo and radiation) and must say I do feel better since starting the shower routine. My understanding is that the warm/cold routine really helps to rid the body of toxins and esp. ending with cold closes pores so “bugs” can't attack the body quite so easily.”

“I LOVE COLD SHOWERS… ON OCCASION.. I used to take them often. When I had had a sauna.. it closed up the pores and really left me fresh and clean…. Now, I make my FINAL RINSE a cold one. Especially during these hot humid days. It renews my energy.”

“Just received your email – I have not taken a cold shower lately. However, I do know that jumping into the ocean in the winter, especially for our annual New Year's Polar Bear Swim, is very refreshing and invigorating! So I would assume a cold shower would be likewise. I will try it and let you know.

“Take a warm shower as it gives your skin a deeper cleanse. After the warm shower turn on the cold water as it will drive your nerves wild with excitement which in return gives you but pure life at its most refreshing time, causing you to be mentally wide awake for action.”

“OK, Joe, I've been working this remedy for a while with a different name…. Winter swimming. I've been working in Yantai China for the past 5 years. Early on I was recruited to the winter swimmer's club, each morning down to the sea for a swim and then showers in the shower house (No hot water available) Aside from the benefits of exercise, I can routinely swim more than 1000 meters, up from 50, the cold water and cold shower therapy is calming. I may not miss the cold in December when I chicken out, but I do miss the peace and calm of the experience. The man who recruited me takes the cold showers eve

n when the sea waters are too dangerous for swimming, feeling that it prepares him for a good day at his business. Oh by the way, this is a way of life for me, each year I try to see how late in the winter I can last and how early in the spring I can start (Dec 15 and April 19 so far with water temps about 9-10 degrees C 48F)”

“I have been using cold shower therapy for quite some time. I discovered it in desperation after getting overheated. I have multiple sclerosis, and heat really exaccerbates MS. The cold showers work great!”

“This is nothing new I have been doing this since childhood. Yes it makes you feel great…wakes you up. A great way to top off a hot shower too, especially after you have washed your hair is to end your shower with cold water. It closes your pores and wakes up your system…you feel so darn good! What I enjoy most is to feel the cold water on my scalp…the experience is powerful. I do it all the time and it does lower my blood pressure.”

“I learned this from a chiropractor years ago. He called it a contrasting shower, and touted it for building the immune system. You take a regular shower first, then turn the water temp down as cold as you can stand it and stay in until you get used to it. I don't do it everytime I take a shower. I probably average 2x/week, a litttle more in the summer. I always feel better afterwards.”

“Wow! That was a shocker at first but made my legs not ache anymore and I felt like I could run a marathon after words. Hey what a lift! Thanks.”

“Yes, I used to do this regualrly but not quite the same way. I would have my normal shower and then at the end when I was all hot and confortable I would turn it to cold. The contrast is absolutely invigorating. I have to admit to getting out of the habit as it became a mental battle to brace myself for the shock. I will get back into it and report back.”

“I have taken cold showers for years but I do it after a nice hot shower. I do some basic exercises in the hot shower and repeat them (maybe half the number) under the cold shower. Yes it does make me feel a lot better especially for sore muscles and aching joints. I particularly like to do this after a days skiing.The cold shower closes my pores keeps the heat in my body and I'm ready to go back outdoors.The next day I don't feel quite as sore as I would have. I certainly will continue to take cold showers in the future.”

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