You’ve heard how salt is “bad for you”.

But what if 3,681 human test subjects in an eight-year long experiment proved otherwise?

And in fact, revealed that low sodium actually caused more cardiovascular problems?

Would you be shocked?

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What’s all this about?

Well, my good friend John Cawrse recently uncovered some “unsettling” facts about salt after working with some salineros (salt farmers) in Colima, Mexico.

We’ve all heard that salt is “bad for you”. We’ve also heard how “sea salt” is good for you. And how a “low-salt-diet” can prevent heart disease.

But are any of these “facts” true?

Here’s the surprising thing. They’re all FALSE! Before you sprinkle ANY salt on your next meal, you have to read this…

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P.S. Did you know most table salt has poison in it?

P.P.S This is the only salt worth eating.

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