If you follow mainstream nutrition advice, I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again…

… That in order to lose fat you should always avoid high carb white starchy foods like potatoes.

However, when the USDA proposed eliminating the potato from federal feeding and nutrition programs, 45-year old Chris Voigt (Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission) decided to protest.

So he ate nothing but 20 potatoes per day for 60 days straight.

As you’ll see below, the crazy results were SHOCKING to say the least.

Results of Potato Diet Image:

60 day potato diet

These numbers indicate that Chris dramatically reduced his risk for heart disease and diabetes.

His health improvements were in fact far greater than what we normally see from drugs and many intensive lifestyle programs—after eating ONLY high carb potatoes for 60 days.

While I would NEVER recommend an all potato diet for the long-term for anyone, this really does prove once and for all that in spite of all the bad press, high carb starches like potatoes, do NOT make you fat!

Excessive calories do.

The 60 Day Potato ONLY diet is living proof. 

So what gives?

Why have we all been told we have to avoid potatoes in order to burn belly fat?

This brand new article below from my great friend, and Carb Cycling Expert, Shaun Hadsall reveals 3 reasons why you should eat MORE potatoes if you want to keep your metabolism healthy, your hormones optimized, and your belly flatter.

Unknown Food Fact 1: 

crazy results of 60 day potato only dietPotatoes Can REPROGRAM Your Body to STOP Storing Carbs as Fat

Our bodies have been designed to run on glucose (from foods like potatoes) as a primary fuel source since the caveman days.  On average, only 1 out of every 120 calories from glucose gets stored as fat. So 95% of the time your body will burn up glucose immediately after you consume it.

Since glucose has been shown to suppress your hunger hormone, ghrelin, potatoes will help you control your appetite and those persistent late night cravings.

Unknown Food Fact 2:

“Wake Up” Your Metabolism, While Spiking Fat Burning Hormones

Regardless of you’ve been led to believe, glucose-based starches can help speed up your metabolism and increase fat-burning hormone sensitivity.

In fact, it only takes about a week of “dieting” to suppress your thyroid and leptin levels significantly. By regularly consuming your favorite high carb starches (the right way) you’ll increase leptin sensitivity and help your thyroid convert T4 to T3 more efficiently.

In other words, eating starchy carbs (strategically) will consistently help you RESET the fat-burning hormones that keep your metabolism elevated and healthy.

You just have to be “smart” about by using the Carb Cycling strategy I share on the NEXT PAGE.


Unknown Food Fact 3:

Prevent Metabolic Damage of Dieting, While STOPPING Your Body From Losing Lean Muscle

If you constantly cut carbs, your body goes into a muscle wasting environment in just a few days. This catabolic state can KILL your metabolism. This can cause you to lose muscle tissue, slowing down and potentially damaging your metabolism.

But if you’re eating more all natural white starches the right way, you’ll keep your metabolism humming along and prevent muscle loss by keeping your body in an “anabolic” environment because high carb starches are muscle sparing.

Also, many times the pure amylopectin starch found in white starches, like potatoes, is MUCH less problematic than a starch containing gluten or lectins that you get from whole grains or whole wheat foods.

But in order for all 3 of the unknown facts above to work on your body properly, you have to eat your favorite carbs based on YOUR activity level and metabolic needs or all of this could backfire on you.

For example, if you’re sedentary you do not need as many white starches and ripe fruits as somebody who exercises intensely on a consistent basis.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t eat LOTS of carbs. You just have to do it strategically by using the Carb Cycling Solution I reveal on the NEXT PAGE.