Barton Publishing Cyber Monday Sale

Since this is Cyber Monday, I really wanted to do something to make a difference in your life today.

In fact, one of my staff thought this was a typo when I first came up with the idea.

But you know me… go Big or go home!

So today, I’d like you to take advantage of a FULL 50% off all our products at the Barton Publishing Store.

Just enter your Promo Code of CYBER50 at check out, and we’ll do the rest.  EASY!

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what you want.  It doesn’t even matter how much you want.

As long as supplies last (and they will most certainly be flying off the shelves), you can have it all… clean me out if you can!

Good news is that we will always have digital copies available.

So if you get there and we’ve run out of books, you can have the very same natural health guides and disease-busting systems in our exclusive downloadable versions.

We will only replenish our physical stock once this sale ends.

Oh and it will end.  Actually, it ends at midnight tonight.

That means tomorrow, this discount disappears… so you better get to the store now and take your pick while the pickin’s good!

Get GREAT, unheard of, unprecedented deals on our most popular, best-selling products like:

  • The Diabetes Solution Kit: Amazing transformations of people with type 2 diabetes in 30 days or less… destroys the root cause of your symptoms.

  • Acid Reflux Solution Kit: Discover the all-natural method that saved my father’s life… plus many other secrets to soothing the painful burn of refluxing acid.

  • Brain Health Solution Kit: Naturally, safely, and,best of all, quickly improves your memory–and can even prevent diseases of the brain as you age.

Get all these and MORE at our deepest discount ever—50% off the cover prices when you order NOW… in time for Christmas!

These Kits sell for $19.97 but NOW they’re just $11.10 each—AWESOME!

Give the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their lives… the gift of excellent health.

Now, here’s what you do: click here now, choose any quantity of any product you like, and enter Promo Code CYBER50 at checkout to claim YOUR discount!

Enjoy the holidays with a little extra girth to your wallet!

Thank you for helping us make this our best year ever doing God’s work and healing even more people than ever before.  As always, we give the glory to Jesus and we keep the Christ in Christmas!

P.S. Don’t delay… like Christmas, this half off offer comes only once a year, and you must hurry to take advantage of it.  We can promise shipping on physical packages only while supplies last.  Order NOW!

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