Don’t Risk Cancer, Live Right – Part Two

It's been estimated that in the 1940's about 1 out of 16 people would get cancer. Today in the industrial nations your probability of dealing with cancer is about 1 out of two – despite all our advancements.

This year, about 565,650 Americans are expected to die of cancer, that's more than 1,500 people a day!

From these statistics, if you filled a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet to capacity (300 people) and compared airline crashes to the number of Americans deaths resulting from cancer, you would have 5 Jumbo Jet crashes a day!

That's 1,825 Jumbo Jet crashes a year!!!

Hard to believe isn't it? But, it's true.

Cancer is a worse threat to our national security than terrorism ever was. If you knew there was a cure for cancer you would shout it from the roof tops, wouldn't you? Well, if you do in America you may be arrested because Big Pharma is a government protected business.

Only in America are natural cancer cures illegal.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this health bulletin, physicians are controlled by the business of medicine. (1) That's why it's illegal for physicians to treat cancer patients with anything other than chemicals, radiation and surgery. (2)

Why Are Current Cancer Treatments No Better Than a Sugar Pill?

  • All drugs are toxic chemicals
  • Radiation kills good and bad body cells
  • Surgery removes body parts

There are many clinically proven natural cancer cures today that don't involve doing harm to your body. The key is to focus on your health while you're healing . . . Not the reverse.

Scientists are now proving what ancient man intuitively knew, that your health is connected to your environment's health. By living right you can prevent cancer and if you catch the cancer parasite from your environment, remember the lifestyle that prevents cancer will cure it too.

You really are what you eat, it's vital that your food is free of toxins and rich with nutrients.

The Root Cause of Cancer is a Two-Headed Snake:

  1. Nutritional Deficiency
  2. Toxicity

Avoid these at all costs and if you cannot, then you ne

ed to learn how to reverse them.

Learn to eat more raw foods grown in healthy organic soil abundant with micro-organisms, minerals and earthworms. We know that plants grown in healthy, nutrient rich living soil grow faster, healthier and bigger than plants grown in chemically contaminated soil.

These organically grown plants are also naturally resistant to parasites and dis-eases.

When you eat raw, nutrient rich, organic foods your body reflects the health of those plants by also giving you a natural ability to resist the cancer parasite and other dis-eases.

Like the soil and the plants, once you are exposed to toxic chemicals your nutrients become depleted and you may become dependent upon more chemicals to help protect you from certain parasites and dis-ease. All chemicals have toxic levels and threaten your health and wellness.

The only natural cancer cure is a living “down to earth cure.” Don't just take my word for it, stay informed; read all you can and go into it yourself. You'll be amazed what you'll discover!

P.S. The way you came no longer matters, it can no longer serve you-no one that reaches this far can make the wrong decision- all you can do is delay . . .

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