When you eat raw foods the enzymes needed to unlock its specific nutrients are included within it. When you eat cooked foods, the enzymes, which are killed by heat, are no longer in the food. In that case, your pancreas must produce the enzymes needed to break the food down to the smallest molecular level.

What most people don't realize is that eating cooked foods puts an unnecessary burden on your pancreas, ultimately distracting it from its main job: Strengthening your immune (endocrine) system.

Your most precious possession is life, eating only fresh, natural, pure, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing will help preserve it.

Let's classify your foods into 4 revealing categories:
1.     Life renewing
2.     Life sustaining
3.     Life slowing
4.     Life destroying

My advice is, your daily diet should be made of 25% life renewing raw foods such as sprouted seeds, nuts and baby greens, plus 50% life sustaining raw foods such as organic, natural vegetables and fruits, with no more than 25% of life slowing foods such as, cooked or dried foods.

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Yes, You Can Get ENOUGH Protein From RAW Food!

Why even though the largest animals on earth are vegetarians! There’s this insane rumor that you can’t live on raw foods???

1.     Imagine not only getting plenty of protein, but actually getting a higher quality protein.
2.     Imagine learning how to get the benefits of a pure raw food diet, but being able to eat up to 50% of the other foods as well.
3.     Imagine being able to eat more than salads and fruits, plus experience boundless energy with “The Raw Secrets” book.

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Learn how to get quality protein, minerals, vitamins and amino acids from plant-based sources, such as seeds, nuts, whole grains, fermented foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and most of all, sprouts.

By learning to eat more raw living foods there is no need for expensive health foods, supplements, pre-packaged, prepared foods, frozen or canned drinks such as toxic soy-milk (1), powdered mixes, or any processed forms of tablets or pills.

What Did We Eat Before Refrigerators?

There was a time before refrigeration when people depended mostly on fermented foods rich in living nutrients. For example, natural sauerkraut is made with cabbage, water and organic ocean harvested raw sea salt. It is the beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes that makes fermentation possible, “unlocking” the otherwise untapped nutrients in the cabbage.

The same thing happens with nuts and seeds. Once the seed, bean or nut begins to sprout otherwise hidden nutrients burst forth.

Unpasteurized cider, ale, cheeses and yogurt provides superior nutrition and are all life generating foods. Pasteurization (high heat) kills the enzymes and probiotics (friendly bacteria), while denaturing the built-in health benefits of living foods.

It was the false science of Louis Pasteur who created the industry of processing the life out of foods (2).

Unsprouted Seeds and Grains Block Mineral Absorption

The more alive your food, the healthier you will be. Whole grain cereals and other seeds have in their shells phytic acid (phytates) which strongly binds to minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium to form insoluble salts, called phytates. It is well known that whole grain cereals high in phytates block the absorption of vital minerals (3).

Old world ways of reducing phytate content were malting, soaking, scalding, fermentation, germination and sourdough baking.

P.S. Bottom line is living food has more life force, more nutrients and allows a higher absorption of mineral intake – all necessary for vibrant health and wellness.


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