by David Blyweiss, M.D.

There’s a huge threat to your eyesight. Without realizing it, we’ve been “starving” our eyes for decades.

And that’s a real problem. When your eyesight starts to fail, suddenly you can’t go to the grocery store… you can’t get to the doctor if you have an emergency… you can’t meet your friends for dinner… and you’re afraid to even be out after dark because of your forced “curfew.”
Truth is, there are simple ways to fight glare and eyestrain, see better at night, drive with more confidence and get a leg up on all those troublesome vision issues that give you a big headache as you get older.

revive and restore tired eyesBut there’s something you need to know.

Your “regular” doctor doesn’t have time to keep up with the latest research. And the same goes for eye doctors. They go to school to learn how to fit you for glasses and contacts, but have no way of preventing the damage and loss of eyesight that threatens your freedom and independence.

Even when the published evidence for improving your vision is there, they often don’t see it. There’s simply no benefit for them to help you restore your vision naturally.

Let me show you something that probably no doctor or optometrist ever has… it will explain a LOT about how your eyes work. 

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