Instant action. No swallowing of pills.
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Are you tired of all the different pills you take to get pain relief?

Are you fed up of smearing muscle relaxants on the affected painful areas only to realise the rubbing causes more pain?

And are you done with carrying hot water bottles and ice packs around to get temporary relief?

erase aches and pains naturally

Well, it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to all those pain pills, muscle relaxants, pain balms and other cumbersome methods that promise a lot of relief but do little to actually relieve pain.

And it’s time to say ‘hello’ to the most amazing way to relieve pain.

It’s a pain relieving spray.

That’s right. And what it means is:

You can spray your pain away as easily as
spraying away foul odour with a room freshener.

I’m really excited about this breakthrough pain relieving science.

And by the time you finish reading this, I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am.

Imagine! One minute you’re nearly overwhelmed with pain. And the next moment you’re ready to take on life with all its physical and mental activities.

I know the huge impact soreness, aches and pains can have on your life. Nothing ruins a day faster than pain. I have seen the absolute misery that waking up with any kind of pain can cause. You are stiff and barely able to move causes.

Far too often, people are left on the sidelines of life. Missing out on golf, going out for lunch, even the simple pleasure of a leisurely walk.

What if I told you that did not have to be the case? That in just a few quick seconds you could have targeted pain relief, right where you need it most?

For the first time ever, leading doctors have discovered a safe, natural solution to the pain and misery that has left millions of people around the world trapped by sore and aching muscles and joints.

It’s a natural discovery that works in a whole new way than most herbal remedies, pain pills or supplements that you’ve tried. And I want you to get this relief for yourself.

Its aptly named PAIN ERASER and it lives up to is name.

Pain Eraser

I’ve used it myself and it’s so effective I make sure I have it in the glove box of my car, in my office, and at home.

If you take my lead and keep it handy, I can assure you that gardening, cooking, walking, shopping, playing with your grandchildren, golfing, playing tennis… any activity you enjoy could soon be back in your life.

All you do is spray Pain Eraser directly on the spot of pain. Gently rub for about 5 seconds. And bingo! You can temporarily relieve the pain, letting you get back to your life!

When sore mucles and aching joint strike, you do not have to reach for a bottle of pills anymore. Pain Eraser can give you quick and powerful relief and make you become a different person altogether.

You see, when you relieve pain, your newfound pleasure shows on your face. Signs of distress, discomfort and despair disappear. You smile faster, broader, brighter. Your entire outlook on life changes because of the remarkable pain-relieving qualities of Pain Eraser.

Pain relief is just a few sprays away.

Does it really work that well? Are you kidding?

The Pain Eraser formula has been clinically tested repeatedly. Results were so overwhelmingly positive that doctors are now using it in surgery and in emergency rooms.

Here are summaries of some of the clinical studies on the effectiveness of the Pain Eraser formula.

Dr. Rudolph Reithmar used the miracle pain-relief product on 384 patients in his emergency surgery department at the Freyung Hospital. These were patients suffering from serious injuries that were causing incredible pain.

The Pain Eraser formula was applied to the patients immediately upon their arrival in the emergency room. What happened? “Nearly all patients confirmed an immediate pain relief.”

What’s more, Dr. Reithmar discovered that additional analgesics “were hardly ever needed for some patients.” For most of the patients, “swellings were significantly reduce allowing and for some did not occur.”

In Germany, Dr. Andreas Frydrych, chief for neural surgery at the Neural Surgery Clinic in Bad Homburg, found that when the Pain Eraser formula was applied immediately following surgery, patients “rarely require additional pain medications.”

PAIN ERASER puts you “back in the game,” fast!

Ever spend an afternoon gardening only to find yourself stiff and sore that night? Ever have a day when too many trips up and down the stairs bring pain to your leg muscles and knee joints?

Pain Eraser could be the fast acting and targeted relief you are looking for. You should pay close attention to the clinical studies I’m going to tell you about now. These were conducted on athletes, men and women who train to utter exhaustion and who suffer muscle fatigue all the time.

One clinical study of ice skaters showed that Pain Eraser fight and relieve swellings and pain, enabling the skaters to resume training the very next day after injury.

Pain Eraser can put you right back “in the game,” too. Imagine yourself bouncing up and down the stairs without losing your breath, or experiencing one iota of aches and pain!

Could just smelling PAIN ERASER help you?

Perhaps inspired by the pleasant aroma of Pain Eraser, and the fact that everything in Pain Eraser is 100% naturally sourced, the ice skaters smelled it while spraying their aches and pains.

Doctors were shocked, at first. But when they studied the effect Pain Eraser had on their respiratory systems, they were absolutely shocked… and delighted.

What had them so delighted? After more than three minutes of full-speed power skating at maximum capacity, not one of the skaters complained about being out of breath.

So, in addition to giving you near-instant muscle and joint pain reliefPain Eraser may also help keep you active and moving about.

Are you beginning to see why I’m bursting with excitement over Pain Eraser Are you seeing why you should have Pain Eraser by your side, too?

Get PAIN ERASER for daily use and for your home’s first-aid kit

f you’re in any kind of muscle pain or sore joints now, Pain Eraser is an absolute MUST for you to have — right now! Even if you’re pain-free now, having Pain Eraser in your home — just in case – is a smart idea.

As I’m fond of saying,

Spray it on and for fast powerful pain relief!

Now, finally, let me give you that list of reasons why I believe you’ll soon be as overwhelmed as I am about Pain Eraser.

• Pain Eraser penetrates right down to the pain.

• Simply spray it on and the pain is gone (I just love saying that!).

• No more painful waiting as pills take their sweet time breaking down in your digestive system.

• No painful waiting for pills to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

• No worries about interactions with any medications you might be taking.

• Pain Eraser is especially effective for those seeking fast relief of joint and muscle pain.

• And because you apply Pain Eraser directly to the area that hurts, you get relief fast.

• What’s more, your relief lasts a long time… one or two sprays might last you the entire day.

• Pain Eraser is so strong, a few sprays in bath water create an oasis of relief for your entire body.

• Pain Eraser works so well and so quickly that surgeons and emergency room doctors, physical therapists, and professional athletes not only use it, but also endorse it.

People are raving over how great PAIN ERASER works

Below are what real Bel Marra customers are saying about using this breakthrough pain relief formula. People from all over are praising the power relief they are getting…

Lawrence told us,

“I can’t sleep at nights. I turn and I turn that I can’t sleep. So I got up and my wife rubs Pain Eraser on my neck, my back and my legs. In about 10 minutes there is no pain. I sleep like a baby all night. I jump around in the morning and no pain.”
Susan told us,

“Just wanted to add my enthusiastic endorsement of your product. I am a massage therapist who was introduced to your product by one of my clients. After seeing how effective it was for her I tried it on myself. I just couldn’t believe how fast and effective it was at relieving my back spasm. It is now a must for the majority of my treatments and it sure makes my job easier. Most of my clients have purchased it for themselves to have at home. We refer to it as ‘the miracle juice.’ I also love that it’s all-natural and it smells good.”
Ginger, RN, told us,

“My doctor had told me about it during my last visit. He stated that he used it for his tennis elbow and within 3 days he was free of pain.”
Some people call this product a miracle, I just call it Pain Eraser.

From regular folks to professional athletes to doctors and other healthcare professionals, they all use Pain Eraser as their secret for maintaining their active lives.

I think Pain Eraser should be yours, too. And to make it really easy for you to get Pain Eraser, I’m delighted to tell you that — because of your special customer status — you’re eligible for a special offer.

I’ll give you all the money-saving details in a moment. First, I want you to know exactly what’s in Pain Eraser.

The primary active ingredient is camphor. Also included: aloe vera oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, orange oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil.

Every ingredient is 100% naturally sourced. There are no chemical stabilizers or alcohol. Pain Eraser derives its power from camphor, a proven natural, medicinal ingredient. But that’s not all.

Naturally sourced… and yet PAIN ERASER
is patented!
That’s why no other solution works as well as Pain Eraser for blessed relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, aches, strains, bruises and sprains.

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to have natural ingredients. But no other so-called pain relief solution can claim to have the same powers the as Pain Eraser formula. The formula behind it has a patent!

Simply spray it on and rub it wherever you hurt.

And before you know it…

You will feel sweet relief from those aches and pains.

Pain Eraser’s unique power comes from its patented combination of natural ingredients that allow it to target and relieve pain effectively, quickly and safely. Giving you hours of relief, and letting you live your life how you want.

I know there are days you’d give practically anything to get rid of the misery caused by your aches and pains. When you’re suffering nearly debilitating pain and it hurts all over, or when you’ve been in pain for days on end, you’d jump at the chance to have just one pain-free day, even if the price tag was $500 or more.

Now you could enjoy the life you want…for pennies a day.

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order_buttonP.S. I have seen Pain Eraser work. And I believe that it can work for you too. But naturally, I’ll refund your money if you’re not 100% satisfied. Simply return any unopened bottles within 30 days and request your refund.

The Doctor Guarantees Your Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

You must be 100% happy with the pain-relief results you get from Pain Eraser or you pay nothing! If you are not fully satisfied just return any unopened bottle of Pain Eraser within 30 days and request a prompt 100% refund. I would not offer you this generous money-back guarantee unless I was absolutely convinced of the efficacy of Pain Eraser. I believe it will work wonders for you. Just spray it on for fast and targeted pain relief!