Home Cures That Work and EpigeneticsThese days, epigenetics is a rapidly advancing field of study. I certainly don’t remember learning about it in college science classes 15 years ago. Nowadays, there seems to be no way around epigenetics when studying health and disease. We are quickly expanding our knowledge of its abundant role in our body.

Epigenetics describes the influence of genetic processes on DNA development. Epigenetics may sound complicated, but, I am here to present you with an easy-to-digest crash course on it. Who you are is written in both pen and pencil. Things written in pen you can’t change. That’s DNA. But things written in pencil you can change. That’s epigenetics.

Dr. Saunder’s article, Do Your Genes Determine Your Destiny? explains that using epigenetics you can silence bad genes and jump-start good ones. By making good choices every day, we can create a healthy environment that promotes healthy genes.

You don’t have to just sit back and wait to develop the hereditary disease that has struck so many of your family members. If you know about the power of epigenetics, then you might not need those medications or dreaded surgeries! Switch off your disease genes starting today!

For example, when you eat sugar, your genes turn OFF controls meant to protect you from heart disease and diabetes. And the damage lasts for two weeks!

Emotion is another way of altering your DNA.  For example, scientists have discovered that the human body’s DNA can easily be reprogrammed by human speech and the emotions it prompts.  Discover how spoken words and phrases can reprogram your DNA in a most extraordinary, health-enhancing way.

Imagine the legacy of health you could pass on to your children and grandchildren if you could easily alter your gene expression!

Thanks to the latest discoveries in the field of epigenetics, you can start taking steps TODAY to change the direction of your health future – for the better!

Home Cures That Workgives you the information you need to overcome those bad genes you inherited… reverse existing health concerns you may have… and live a longer, healthier life.

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P.S. Your genes can predispose you to being fat or thin. But epigenetics offers a life-changing opportunity for you to have better genes than the ones you were born with! Take control of your genetic future with HomeCuresThatWork.com

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