Home Cures That Work for CholesterolLowering cholesterol is an overrated tactic in the fight against heart disease, in my opinion. Don’t get me started on statin drugs that doctors use to drive cholesterol numbers down. In fact, the Framingham Heart Study, the one that most doctors use to justify lowering cholesterol, showed the following statistic:

  • For each 1 mg/dl cholesterol falls, the death rate goes up by 11%, and cardiovascular deaths go up by 14%.

But I know a lot of people are still concerned about their cholesterol levels. So I’m always glad to report on safe, natural ways to help you get a better handle on them.

Would you believe your heart could be better with butter? It really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to butter’s potential. You see, researchers are making discoveries about butter that have some pretty big implications.  Here is why butter is good for you… and your cholesterol.

Many people who have severe heart disease actually have low cholesterol. When people don’t have enough cholesterol, the production of hormones, energy, cells, and immunity go down, as well. Can statin lovers explain this?

If you are, or if you love someone who is, taking a statin drug to lower your cholesterol, then heed this warning. Statins drugs can take your energy and strength with it. But that’s not the only thing statin drugs do. They can actually create “failure of treatment” and increase your risk of heart disease.

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Apart from avoiding statin drugs, the best way to stay healthy is by lowering stress, a huge contributor to heart disease. Sick and tired of being stressed?  Then click here now. (You won’t be sorry.) You’ll click or you won’t — but if you’re ready for a REAL change — this could be your best chance… to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure numbers healthy.

No one pays a higher price for their health than you do. Making an informed decision about improving the quality of your life can save your life. Following trendy medicine driven by a pharmaceutical industry can be risky. Cholesterol is not your enemy. If your doctor is telling you that it is, then let Home Cures That Work and our experts re-educate you what cholesterol is and does.

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P.S. Julie Child liked to say, “Oh, butter never hurts you.” I learned how to love butter thickly spread on bread. Appetite grows by what it feeds on. So, enjoy your food and feed on 4 different types of butter recipes HERE.

Are you worried cholesterol will give you a heart attack?

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