Home Cures That Work with Music TherapyMusic appeals to so many parts of the human soul and mind. From the first moment we hear a piece of music, we have a natural impulse to like or dislike the song. Why?

Listening to music can change your brain chemistry. It can improve auditory and verbal memory, focus your attention and mood. Besides exercising the brain in a unique way, music has a primary connection to our hearts, or our emotions. Click here to bring them all together with music.

Music even impacts the body during exercise. The right songs during fitness can provide the power to help you fight stress and even manage pain. If you haven’t created a personal favorite playlist, here are 12 good reasons to mix music with fitness.

Is it any wonder that one of the fastest growing fields of study and vocation today is that of music therapy? Music therapists are finding new effective inroads with Alzheimer patients, stroke survivors and people suffering with insomnia. In fact, music appears to have a profound effect on several types of disease. Click here to discover what music can do better than prescription medications.

The best part is that to take advantage of music’s healing power, you don’t need to take a prescription to your local music store. You don’t even have to go to the music store, at all. The natural remedies you need are already in the January issue of Home Cures That Work with Music Therapy.

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