I didn’t know my fibromyalgia could become Chronic Fatigue Syndrome . . .

That’s what I hear most people tell me when they learn how easily one syndrome can over-lap into another.

It’s not that surprising when you consider a syndrome is only a made-up word to help conventional doctor’s trash-can label health problems they don’t understand.

Here’s an opportunity to cure yourself of something your doctor simply doesn’t have time to help you with, so you might as well learn all you can.

It’s NOT your doctor’s fault; he or she really doesn’t have time to research new or mysterious ailments that pop up. They’ve got huge college bills to pay for and unfortunately, everything changes so fast. Most of what they were taught is already old school.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia pain or even if you suffer from chronic fatigue, you can make some common sense changes to your diet and lifestyle by using home remedies, or what I call self health care. You CAN beat the odds.

The first place to start is from the very beginning, the beginning of your first fibromyalgia symptom. To do that, I want you to imagine you are a cell.

Did you know every cell is a “mini-you?

That’s right! Everything that makes you an individual person is represented in your cell as a smaller model within its cell membrane. Your organs have specific functions represented as organelles inside your cell. In fact, your brain and your cell’s membrane serve the same relative functions.

Cell experts even claim your cell can “perceive” like you do, but on a cellular level and in a cellular world, of course. Nonetheless, it is still perception!

How else could your entire immune system detect a foreign invader, identify it, quarantine it and destroy it? It perceives!

Your fibromyalgia literally means fiber, or cell, and myalgia, or pain, which equals cell pain.

So, now that you know what you already knew, but simply have a different “perception” of it, let’s see what you can do.

I’m going to help you save some time today. I’m going to tell you a very simple and important truth.

There are the 7 steps of dis-ease a cell goes through, the 8th being death:

  1. The first step of is loss of life energy.
  2. The second step is toxicity.
  3. The third step is stress.
  4. The fourth step is inflammation.
  5. The fifth step is degeneration.
  6. The sixth step is stiffness.
  7. The seventh step is mutation.

Right before your eyes you are witnessing the root cause of probably 99% of all common health problems . . . loss of life energy.

Fibromyalgia is pain triggered from long strands of muscle cells that cringe or shrink. This shrinking action strains the nerve cells within the muscle fiber, causing them to shoot out pain signals to your brain.

The reason for your muscle fibers shrinking is “loss of life energy.” You now more about how to cure your fibromyalgia pain than most medical college graduates.

P.S. You can see why people with chronic fatigue syndrome often have fibromyalgia symptoms too, but not the other way around. That’s because it is  basically chronic fibromyalgia. Find a natural remedy to nurture cell health and your home free!