Today I’m thrilled to let you know that Jerry Mathers—that’s right, one of the biggest most widely-known celebrities of all time…TV’s “The Beaver”—has joined us in our fight to end type 2 diabetes!

Mathers joins Barton Publishing


Because Jerry is an “ex” diabetes sufferer… and he’s made it his personal mission to help you end your suffering too.

When Jerry was diagnosed in 1996. He was given just 3-5 years to live. The thought of never getting to hold his grandbabies scared him half to death. So he leapt into action.

Jerry lost 55 pounds with a simple diet and exercise program. That’s when he decided to go from actor to activist using his iconic celebrity and help as many people as he can fight and ultimately defeat type 2 diabetes.

He even testified in front of congress to bring awareness to this growing problem for us and our children—especially here in America.

So if you’re serious about putting an end to your suffering (or you know someone who is) then please check out this important message from Jerry Mathers.

Don’t you feel you deserve to know?

P.S. Barton Publishing’s Diabetes Solution Kit has given 333,901 people the power to free themselves and end their diabetes symptoms. Today Jerry Mathers uses the Diabetes Solution Kit to keep his blood sugar problems from putting a stop to his life. You can too, Start NOW.

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