Note: This post is for my internet marketing friends who want to learn more about getting more traffic to their websites!

Ever heard of John Reese?

Unless you've studied internet marketing online, you probably don't have a clue who he is.

But I owe him a big debt of gratitude because he has personally helped me become very successful as an online marketer.

Back in 2004, I was just getting started on the internet, and I was devouring anything I could find that taught me about making money online.

I became a big fan of John's Marketing Secrets website, and I remember one particular newsletter he sent out that became a turning point in my life.

After reading about what he called a “brain dump”, within a matter of five months I went from being a full-time employee at a CPA firm, to the CEO of Barton Publishing – working from my own
home office full time.

Along with that “brain dump”, I spent $997 to buy John's course called Traffic Secrets – which was a series of DVD's, manuals, CD's, and CD-Rom's.

John sold over a thousand copies of that course in less than 24 hours, and became famous for his “Million Dollar Day”.

The course itself was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me, as I implemented what I learned and quickly grew my business and became respected in my industry.

I've met John Re

ese and he's given me some personal coaching, and all I can tell you is this:

If you do what he says, you will make money online.

He's one of the smartest marketers you could ever meet.

And if you've ever thought about starting a business online, or growing a business – I encourage you to find anything you can from John, read it, devour it, and implement it.

Today, John is releasing an amazing free video for the upcoming release of his Traffic Secrets 2.0 course.

This is a brilliant video, and he gives away a ton of valuable content and money-making ideas about generating traffic and increasing profits for your website.

Watch it here:

It's pretty funny how he starts it out – kind of like a nerdy geek who suddenly becomes cool 🙂

Just wait til the 3rd minute of the video, where he starts to unload – be sure to have your notebook ready!

Then, be sure to sign up for the 2nd free video by giving him your email address. (He never sends anything but good, valuable content – never spam).

I'm off to watch that video again – I hope you'll join me!

(By the way… maybe YOU'RE not interested in internet marketing, but I bet you know someone who is – so go ahead and forward this email to them and let them benefit from John's free video).

For excellent health,

P.S. You'll probably be shocked at the price of this new course…
it's not what you'd expect!

P.S.S. OK, John didn't teach me EVERYTHING I know… not even everything I know about internet marketing… but he is the one guy I constantly recommend to my friends & family who ask me
about how to get started online.