You’ve seen ads like this on many websites, “5 Foods Proven To Flatten Your Stomach!” But, when you click on the ad you’re instantly transferred to a sales page that’s trying to persuade you to buy something.

Now, I do not have a problem with getting great people in front of great products they might not normally see. After all, it is great offers like the one I mentioned above and the one to the right, that keep this information coming to you for free.

But, today is your day to get some vital information on trusted, all natural methods for losing weight and keeping the pounds off – from me to you… zero dollars and zero cents.

So, without further adieu Friend, here’s what I know about losing weight with natural health remedies. These are tips I discovered chasing after the secrets of living better and longer – over more years than I’d care to admit. They really work for me and are excellent for your overall health, as well as maintaining a comfortable, appropriate healthy weight.

I’ll begin with the obvious.

3 words: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.I know in this world of quick fixes and 7 minute microwave dinners, exercise may be the last word you want to hear. It takes some effort. It takes some time. But for truly healthy weight loss and maintenance, exercise is mandatory.

Here’s one you’re going to love… resistance training.

I know, it sounds like something out of the mouth of the trainer at the gym named Heinz who has zero body fat, muscles that have muscles of their own and a non-specific accent that somehow gives credibility to everything he says.

But really – and this will surprise you – walking is resistance training.

You see, when you put one foot in front of the other, you have to pull your body up to meet it. Voila – a certain amount of resistance was utilized in that stepping procedure. Just do that for 40 minutes, 4 times a week and you’ll be on your way to better health and weight loss.

Another simple exercise requires water but no swimming. It’s water aerobics and every move provides the resistance of water density so it’s a complete workout. Best of all, you won’t break a sweat! This combined with swimming will see you a few pounds lighter in no time.  20 minutes 3 times a week should do the trick.

Want that burn?… Then it’s time to boost the intensity! Break out the weights and do high reps with low weight to start. Gradually increase to higher weights with fewer reps while doing high intensity cardio exercises.

Next, put on some tunes and raise the tempo. This kind of exercise fires up your metabolism both during and after your workout – for hours after you stop. Make sure you check with your doctor before beginning such a regimen. You need to be physically ready for it, but the results will shock you. 3 more words for you: Intense Resistance Training.

Now, for the really easy part: Grab A Plate.

Super foods for weight loss

  • Reach for the almonds. Unsalted almonds can fill you up and keep your blood sugar nice and flat. Dropping blood sugar levels leads to hunger and that can lead to overeating. Rising and falling blood sugar levels cause your body to produce unnatural amounts of insulin, which translates to a ponderous paunch in the mid-section.
  • Be a bean eater– and weigh less. Beans are a super fat-busting food and folks who nosh on black beans in particular tend to have smaller shadows. Beans seem to have it all: both soluble and insoluble fiber, a nifty little fat burner carbohydrate called resistant starch and, of course, protein. Quite simply, this combination of nutrients melts fat away.
  • You know cauliflower is good for you. It’s a cancer pounder; just a small serving of about a half cup gives you your RDA of vitamin C, and it’s low in calories and high in fiber. What you may not know is its consistency is perfect as a substitute for heavier foods like mashed potatoes, even cream. Mash ‘em up and throw in some low fat butter substitute and you’ll never miss the starchy standard side-dish. Plus, you can liquefy it in a blender and put it in soups and chili as a delicious, healthy weight replacement for cream.
  • The incredible edible egg. Egg protein is both filling and it slashes off weight. Here’s something interesting. A Louisiana State University study of 2 control groups of women on a low-calorie diet showed that 1 group lost twice as many pounds as the other. Both groups consumed the same number of calories. The difference? At breakfast, the first group added an egg with their toast and jelly. Let’s bust an egg myth right here. Eat the yolk – there’s no health risk!

I’ll wrap this up with a couple bonus foods for you: Coffee (sorry – no decaf), apples, avocados, garlic, and lentils!

All of these are bona-fide fat killers, too.

Now, with your resistance training and new diet you have your hands full. It’s up to you to put this plan into action, reach your weight loss goals and maintain your healthy weight.