There are many misconceptions about high blood pressure. This is a case where ignorance is definitely not bliss.

In fact, it can kill…

So here are five deadly myths about high blood pressure you cannot live without. The good news: you can get control of your high blood pressure. Perhaps even prevent it altogether…

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5 Ways to outsmart high blood pressureFive Myths about High Blood Pressure

Myth Number One: It’s No Big Deal.

The problem with high blood pressure initially is there are no symptoms. You don’t feel bad, so how could anything be wrong?

The truth is, when your blood flow begins to push too hard against your blood vessels, it leads to damage of your heart, kidneys, and other organs in your body. High blood pressure is a very big deal indeed.

Myth Number Two: There Is No Good Treatment.

Many people feel there’s nothing they can do about their high blood pressure.

The truth is if you follow a sensible plan, you can manage your high blood pressure.

More about this in just a moment…

Myth Number Three: A “Little” High Blood Pressure Is Okay.

When you take your blood pressure readings, you probably notice they vary somewhat. You probably also notice there are two numbers, one on top and one on bottom.

Normal readings are: 119 or below for the top number, and 79 or below for the bottom number. Some people believe that as long as one of these numbers is normal, you’re okay.

The truth is if either of your blood pressure numbers is above normal, you need to do something right away.

Myth Number Four: High Blood Pressure Cannot Be Prevented.

This idea is dead wrong. Even if everyone in your family has higher blood pressure, this doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do.

Simple changes such as eating a healthy diet, limiting salt intake, and keeping your weight under control, can help you prevent high blood pressure.

Myth Number Five: Treatment Is Difficult.

Most people think that treating high blood pressure requires giving up all your favorite foods, engaging in some crazy exercise plan, or taking dangerous and expensive drugs.

While you do need to make changes to get your blood pressure under control, those changes do not have to be difficult or unpleasant.

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