In the world of farmer’s market food, cauliflower doesn’t stand a chance against vibrant red tomatoes and green superfoods like kale and avocados. It’s white, lumpy, and unattractive. It looks freakily similar to the human brain.

But cauliflower is cheap — a head typically runs about $3 and can yield enough florets for two-to-three meals. But its visual blandness is its greatest strength.

cauliflower-rice-recipeCauliflower tastes delicious when roasted whole, grilled as a steak, or mashed like potatoes. But the cruciferous vegetable really wins style points when it’s chopped up into tiny nutritious morsels. Cauliflower “rice” is amazing for turning your favorite recipes into gluten-free, low-carb versions.

Ready to try it?

Keep reading for easy recipes that use cauliflower in your favorite dishes.

Health Tip

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Natural Remedy Highlight

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