We would like to share with you the 5 Core Values of Barton Publishing, developed by our founder and CEO Joe Barton.

BP 5 core values

1) Honor God in Everything

2) Practice What We Preach

3) Be Fruitful & Multiply

4) Over-Deliver

5) Make it Fun

First is “Honor God in Everything.”

I believe this is our calling in life, to be the best we can in everything we do. This includes decisions we make with partners, projects we take on, companies we work with, people we hire, how we treat each other with love and kindness, being encouragers, seeing ourselves as working for God and not man, seeking God for direction and guidance in things big and small.

Ultimately, He is our Lord – our “Boss” – and He will judge us for the good things and bad things we do. He sees our hearts and knows if we've done our best for Him, as stewards of His creation.

Second is “Practice What We Preach.”

Chris, the Barton Publishing webmaster, lifting at Crossfit

Chris, the Barton Publishing webmaster, lifting at Crossfit

This means we aren't just selling products about using natural remedies to be healthy, but we're actually using these remedies to improve our own health. If we're telling others to avoid sugars and crap processed food, then we shouldn't be visiting Dairy Queen for lunch every day eating Double Cheeseburgers with Fries & a Blizzard (I'm the first to admit this was a struggle for me!).

I've learned a LOT over the years about healthy tips that have helped me improve my diet and eating habits, increasing my exercise frequency, and experiencing the results of using natural remedies. I want our entire company to reflect vibrant health.

Third is “Be Fruitful & Multiply.”

This has to do with several things, but mainly the concept of running a fruitful and profitable business. When we find profitable traffic sources, we are helping more people experience relief from symptoms and diseases. When we help more people, we make more money, which allows us to improve our products, launch more products, and hire more people –

who are then able to provide for their families and grow the economy, which helps other families, etc. It's cyclical. The more people we help, the more people THEY will help.

Profitability is a great measurement of success, so long as you have products that truly help people. And we do! That's why I'm so passionate about growing our traffic and sales.

Fourth is “Over-Deliver.”

I love it when people give me more than I'm expecting. Whether a company delivers a better product, or a team member goes above and beyond. I love it when my kids don't just “do the bare minimum,” but take pride in what they do – and do it with all they've got. That's what separates good people from great people. Great people over-deliver and leave you thinking “Wow!”

My friend and fellow health business owner Ed O'Keefe just posted something on Facebook about how “Winners are made in the rain”, and whether you're committed to greatness. Check it out here:

“Winners are made in the rain!

Alright- so yesterday we had a ton of storms come through- it sucked right. But it made me think when my son & I were playing basketball in the rain this week…that winners are made in the backyard & in the rain, dark, cold, or anytime it's not convenient to do the thing you want to excel at. I talked to my volleyball team about the fact that if they aren't carrying a volleyball around or playing against the wall – setting in the house- peppering against the garage or w a sibling…then you really are lying to yourself when you say you r committed to greatness.

Some people might say- well they will get burned out or some other bs remark- the fact is- if you learn how to make the thing you love into fun games…& it's what YOU want to do- then burnout is not gonna happen.

Also- this means turning your main sport or thing into other sports. Play them all- but the point I'm making today is/ “if you are only gonna play when it's ideal conditions…you aren't truly committed to greatness. This goes for relationships, money, careers & other areas as well.” ~ Ed O'Keefe

When you over-deliver, you're showing that you wants what's best for others – not just what's best for yourself. I like to think about “how can I provide 100X more value to our customers, compared to what they're paying?” If we sell an ebook for $20, it should be worth at least $2,000 to them. Don't limit yourself or make excuses for how something can't be done… instead, ask:

  • How can I … ?
  • How can we …?
  • How can He … ?

Last but not least, Make it Fun!

I used to be an accountant, and I didn't really enjoy my work. Thankfully now I LOVE what I do (most of the time) because I'm working in my Unique Abilities, and working with others who are also working in their strengths. But there are still things that we ALL have to do that are boring, mundane, and “below my pay grade.” So what are you going to do about it – gripe and complain, or make it fun? I vote for making it fun. It's your choice! Have a blast! Figure out a way to make it fun. Whether it's a project you're working on, an email you're sending out, a system or process you're improving, or a meeting you're in.

joe barton family

Think outside the box, be creative, and enjoy the moment. Be thankful for the opportunity. Look on the bright side. Don't focus on the negativity, or that will seep into your work. Be an encourager and a brightener. Remember that our days here on earth are short, so make the most of each and every minute.

These 5 core values have evolved as I've really boiled these down to memorable and short phrases that I think do a really good job of saying a lot with few words. We strive to incorporate them into all we do and use them to help us discern and filter the opportunities that are presented to us.

I hope you like these Core Values and I'd love to hear your feedback!