I felt like I aged 30 years in one day.

Two friends took me to lunch last Friday to celebrate my birthday. Company was great, and the food was healthy – a half cobb salad with no

bacon, extra virgin olive oil dressing and spinach substituted for lettuce. And then the waiter did me a big “favor” by comping me with a frozen yoghurt covered with raspberry sauce.

That was innocent enough. Three of us split it and only finished about half.

Then some other friends came over for a gourmet meal prepared by a personal chef. She also did me a favor with a fabulous presentation… chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Innocent enough again, but this time I ate the whole slice.

Sugar Poison by flickr futileboyThen we went to a show where the waitress bestowed yet another favor upon me. You guessed it. Another dessert, a rich ball of chocolate mousse and marshmallow garnished with fresh berries. This time, I was a little smarter, but still dumb enough to eat a couple of spoonfuls.

About 15 minutes later it hit me. It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I was too sick to sit through the second act of a fabulous show and went outside for some fresh air.

It didn't help.

Were you ever so sick that you wanted to throw up but couldn't? That was me.

I felt better the next day but was bloated. I had breakfast, skipped lunch due to lack of appetite, self-diagnosed myself with “sugar blues” and spoke to a practitioner who said she was sure I had an allergic reaction to sugar.

If you read Life Extension Express, you know what my attitude toward sugar is. It's addictive, and in my opinion, more deadly than tobacco. Since I usually avoid sugar, my body is not used to it, and it rebelled, just as it would against any poison.

But your body has a way to temporarily adjust to poisons like sugar… while they silently go to work killing you. It's only when your body i

s cleansed that it will recoil when you reintroduce a toxin like sugar.

You know how bad smoking is for you, right? So if you don't smoke (I hope you don't) and you quickly inhale a cigarette, what happens? You

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get sick. Same with alcohol. If you never drank and then gulped down a pint of whiskey, what do you think would happen? Your body would probably reject it as poison as suddenly as you drank it.

It's hard to go to a market or a restaurant without being bombarded with toxic temptations. Just because you may eat them regularly without becoming ill doesn't mean they are not gradually eroding your health and shortening your life.

If you want to

prove this concept to yourself, do something really stupid. Smarten up first by cleansing your body, and then do what I did. Or if you want to do something dumber still, do not cleanse in the first place, and keep up your sugar habit.

Remember, we're not aiming to add a few more years to your life. We want to keep you healthy long enough for super longevity. If you choose to perish with a poison like sugar, understand how insignificant that sweet tasting enemy is that is claiming your life.

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