“My bladder was on fire, and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me…”

For seven years, I was in agony.  Every day, it felt like my bladder was on fire. I was always looking for a bathroom and terrified I wouldn’t find one in time.  I’d go grocery shopping at midnight so no one would see me in the “personal care” aisle.  I’d lie awake for hours at night too miserable to sleep and wake up exhausted the next day.   And I was afraid to even think about having sex!

I spent years desperately searching for a solution to my bladder problems with no results. I will never forget the day I sat in yet another so-called expert’s office as he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do to help you.”  He was so nonchalant about it, like he was saying “I’ll have the chicken salad for lunch.”   I wanted to reach over that desk and wring his neck.

How to put out the fire in your bladderIn that moment, all I could imagine was years of discomfort and misery. Years of having to find a bathroom every ten minutes. Years of not being able to enjoy a healthy sex life with my husband. Years of not being able to sleep because the fire in my bladder kept me awake all night. Years of letting my bladder ruin my life.

“I felt like I’d been condemned to a life of misery for a crime I did not commit!”

That’s the day I officially gave up on mainstream medicine and walked away from the so-called experts who didn’t have any answers except to blame it on me.

Today, no thanks to them, I live a great life.  I’m no longer a slave to my bladder. I can sit through an entire movie without running to the restroom. I have a wonderful marriage and a healthy sex life.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. Because I NEVER want another woman to go through what I went through. I NEVER want another woman to suffer needlessly for years from bladder problems. And I NEVER want another woman to believe, even for one second, that her problem is “all in her head.”

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