The possibility of reversing multiple sclerosis (MS) is not some far-fetched claim or dream, but an exciting new development recognized by the medical establishment. In the August issue of Home Cures That Work, read about people who are not merely finding relief from their symptoms, but are actually reversing their MS!

In an article by Dr. Saunders, he ranks the different conventional medical treatments for MS, explaining their goals and pitfalls. He shares the amazing account of a medical doctor who contracted MS and experienced its debilitating physical and cognitive effects. This doctor tried various conventional medical treatments without success. But when she took personal control of her treatment, she was able to reverse her MS through nutrition and supplements.

Home Cures That Work for Multiple SclerosisIn fact, conventional medical treatments for MS have been largely ineffective and are wrought with nasty side effects. In contrast, you’ll learn about supplements and antioxidants that are highly effective in preventing and even reversing MS.

In this issue of Home Cures That Work, you’ll also discover why MS is more prevalent in countries farther away from the Equator and the implications of that for your personal health and well-being. Read about one common vitamin that most of us lack may be the key to avoiding MS altogether or reversing it once contracted.

It’s no secret that sugar causes inflammation and makes us fat! But beware of replacing sugar-laden sodas with diet soda. Discover the shocking effects of aspartame and Splenda on your health and their tie to MS and other degenerative diseases.

And when Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food,” he knew what he was talking about! Learn why good nutrition is so important for building strong cells and the health of your immune system. We provide vital information in this issue about what you should and shouldn’t eat to ward off or reverse MS.

You’ll read about the simple diet that one doctor put herself on to renew her health from being bedridden with MS to living an active, healthy life. Our expert medical team has added a couple of enhancements to that eating plan to increase its effectiveness even more!

Visit Home Cures That Work now and see for yourself this amazing, simple, natural approach to preventing and reversing MS!

P.S.  We even provide you with two great recipes to help you kick-start an eating plan toward improved health. You can begin a strategy today for preventing and reversing MS!

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