You brush your teeth…

You wash your face…

simple bathroom habit deadlier than cigarettesAnd then you do THIS.

Could this simple bathroom habit increase your risk of a sudden, early death by 530%?

That’s exactly what the FDA is now being forced to admit.

“It’s as risky as smoking cigarettes,” one study revealed.

And it’s nearly as addictive.

The worst part, though, is that you’re doing this 1 thing every single night. It’s part of your pre-bed routine… yet, it’s killing you slowly and silently

So what is this deadly bathroom habit?

And what can you do to fix it

sleeping-pills worse than cigarettesClick here and watch this short video to find out.

P.S. Studies show that even if you do THIS just 18 times a year — so, once every few weeks — your risk of a sudden, early death shoots up 360%. Meaning you’d leave your husband, wife, kids and grandkids… without even a chance to say goodbye. To find out just what this deadly habit is, and how to protect yourself today, click here now.