Your bedroom can be a wonderful place… or a death trap.

Unfortunately, many people (maybe you?) watch T.V. in their beds, surf the web and even do work on their laptop in their bedrooms.

This can have devastating effects for your blood pressure!

Here’s why: when you’re watching T.V. and fiddling on the computer in your bedroom, your brain begins associating your bedroom (and bed) as a place of work, not of pleasure and rest.

sex lowers blood pressureWhere your brain would normally associate your bedroom as a place to relax, unwind, rest and sleep…

…now you’re hyper-alert, and anxious, and you can’t calm your mind. So you don’t rest.

Poor sleep (and lack of sleep) creates massive stress on your body, especially your heart.

When this happens, your body is running too hard, for too long, and NOT getting the recuperative sleep it needs. Your organs are under greater and greater stress, and your blood pressure rises… as the tension in your body is cranked up, night after night.

Yet there’s a simple solution to this problem. An easy way to get back to using your bedroom for the good stuff: sex, and sleep.

And this solution’s easy to find. It’s actually in a great video presentation created by my team here at Barton Publishing.

This video is full of practical tips and remedies that will help you take back your bedroom … and get a great night’s sleep.

But more importantly, it focuses on lowering your blood pressure safely and naturally…

So if you (or someone you know) is battling high blood pressure, or has trouble falling into deep restful sleep at night, it’s important for your health that you check out this video presentation.