Reverse Your Diabetes Without Drugs – Part 1

In this 3 part diabetes breakthrough report I am going to take down the “Insulin Curtain” and reveal new science that confirms your blood sugar and diabetes challenges can be overcome without drugs.

As with many problems in life, I’ve found it helps to first change the way you talk about it. Your words, like your thoughts have a powerful affect on your life. That’s why before discovering the solution to diabetes; it helps to think of it as a “challenge.”

The Diabetes Challenge

Diabetes is out-of-control in the U.S., it’s only matched by the rising rate of obesity and heart disease.

Is it possible they’re the “same” dis-ease?

Here are 3 common factors causing diabetes, obesity and heart disease:

  1. Physical inactivity
  2. “Super-size it” marketing
  3. Outrageous cost of limited-access healthcare

Regardless of the cause(s) of diabetes and its complications, we have to find the cure. Like rust, diabetes never sleeps; the damage diabetes does to the body has to be stopped, then it can be reversed.

The Nature of Diabetes

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Diabetes affects your entire body, harming some systems, tissues and organs more than others.

The organs most vulnerable to the effects of diabetes are your eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, immune system and heart.

Diabetes is a diabolical disease that leaves the diabetic as an amputee, more often than you may know.

Typically, diabetics suffer from high blood glucose (sugar), high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other health factors that combine to make things worse down the line. Treating a single factor at a time helps, but addressing all of them together is the key to maximizing your lifespan.

Your Eyes: Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes causes the tiny blood vessels in your retina to burst and bleed.

A high blood glucose (sugar) and blood pressure causes tangles of blood vessels to grow and eventually damages your optic nerve, leading to total blindness.

Your Brain: Risk of Stroke

Insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes, is the first stage of diabetes type 2, which is linked to build-up of plaque in arteries. This calcium hardening of the arteries in the heart and neck, gradually keeps blood from reaching the brain, starving brain function leading to stroke.

Your Heart: Risk of Disease

Again high blood glucose (sugar), from insulin resistance combined with high blood pressure double your risk of heart disease.

Your Kidneys: Waste Away Disease

High blood glucose (sugar) and high blood pressure cause your kidneys to over work, eventually weakening them. Once your kidneys are weakened they can’t remove toxic waste from your blood, which is what triggers the high blood pressure to get even worse.

Your Veins: Loss of Circulation

As tissues harden, cholesterol combines with the plaque while insulin levels skyrocket, weakening vessels. This adds to the higher blood pressure even more.

Your Stomach: The Insulin Time Bomb

If you’re a man you carry diabetic fat cells around the middle, women carry it more on the hips and thighs. This is highly toxic fat that stresses out the heart. Carrying this type of fat makes it difficult for cells to respond to natural or synthetic insulin, creating a vicious cycle of having the body release even more insulin.

Your Feet: Peripheral Neuropathy

Feet are probably the most amputated part of the body for people with diabetes. High blood glucose (sugar) triggers inflammation, pain and weakness. As circulation is choked off my all these factors the hands and feet can become numb.

P.S. In part 2 of 3 I will discuss what triggers insulin resistance and its connection to a gland-like fat.