Flu season is knocking at our back door.  Everywhere I go there are signs posted, “Get Your Flu Shot Here!!”

It actually infuriates me!  I always see a lot of elderly people in line for the shot, but I know it’s the last thing that their body needs.  I wouldn’t wish the flu shot on anyone:  children to elderly adults. I think it is an unnecessary vaccine that introduces more harm to the body, than good.

I know I am most likely contradicting everything you have heard from your doctor.  But, I’m asking you to look a little closer at the flu shot.  And then ask the question …is it worth the chance?  Let me give you a safer alternative for flu prevention that will boost your immune system naturally.

A Toxic Chemical Blend

First of all, I want to tell briefly how the flu shot is made.

We have all been told that the flu virus strains are picked “specifically” for this year.  What they don’t tell you though is that they pick them a year in advance!!  These scientists are literally guessing at what viruses will be prevalent a full year before!  They do this by looking at what’s prevalent in Asia at the time.  I’m definitely not gambler, so knowing this is enough to convince me the flu shots are not very effective.

Most people would never think to ask what’s in their vaccine. So, let’s talk about the several toxic chemical ingredients in the flu shot. Sometimes they vary amongst pharmaceutical brands, but the toxicity of flu shots stays pretty equal.  Most of the toxins used are added as preservatives, which in my opinion, should never enter a human’s body!

Here are a few of the most common added toxins in the flu vaccine.

  • Thimerasol – This toxin is over 40% mercury by weight! Mercury is highly toxic, killing brain cells, causeing severe damage to the nervous system, kidneys, digestive system and a host of other tissues in the body. Mercury toxicity can lead to complete kidney failure… and more.
  • Polysorbate 80 – Side-effects can range from allergic reactions to cancer.
  • Triton X-100 – A detergent and derivative of mercury.
  • Formaldehyde – A cancer causing toxin (Yes, this embalming liquid is being put into LIVE people!)
  • Ethylene Glycol – This is antifreeze and extremely poisonous!

Proven Ineffective

If what I have listed above it not enough to convince you avoid the flu shot, then let’s talk about its effectiveness (or more like its ineffectiveness).

There are pages of research pointing proving the flu shot is nearly useless.

  • Scientific researchers have even stated that they believe the flu vaccine’s effectiveness has been greatly exaggerated. (1)
  • In 2006, there was a systematic review of over 51 studies involving over 260,000 children.  They concluded that the flu vaccine was no more effective than the placebo. (2)
  • The rate of flu vaccination in the elderly has increased by over 40%! (3)  But this has not changed the rate of flu and pneumonia caused deaths.

Something isn’t working!

The flu vaccine makes many people sick because it lowers their immune system.  If your immune system is lowered, then you’re likely to catch another virus traveling around.  Amazingly, flu vaccines don’t actually immunize anyone!  They just sensitize the body against those specific viruses.

Natural Flu Prevention

You’re not out of luck now for flu prevention.  There are natural supplements that work wonderful at preventing the flu from even starting!  And if you do happen to get it, they can greatly reduce its time and severity.

I just put in an order for the following items for my whole family because I know flu season is coming up fast! I do not want to be ill prepared.  Here is what is on my list and I recommend they be on yours, as well.

5000 IU Vitamin D 

Now that the sun isn’t out much, I will be getting my vitamin D in supplement form.  Vitamin D is probably the MOST important thing you can take for flu prevention. Vitamin D increases the activity of your killer cells.  Without adequate D in your body, your killer cells may not do their job effectively. (which is to kill viruses!)

I take 10,000 IU a day and give my kids 5,000 IU.  Many doctors are now recommending about 45 IU per pound of body weight.  Get your levels checked if you’re unsure.  Over 60 ng is an ideal vitamin D level.  Mine tested at 80 ng and I was quite proud!


A healthy body starts with a healthy gut!  80% of your immune system lies in your gastrointestinal tract!  The best way to keep it healthy is adequate levels of good bacteria, or probiotics.  Eating a cup a yogurt a day is not enough either.  Try a probiotic supplement that contains at least 20 billion CFU and at least 6 different bacteria strains.

Vitamin C

We all know vitamin C is great for the immune system. I am a huge fan of the fat-soluble form, Ascorbyl Palmitate.  It has all the benefits of regular C, but doesn’t flush out of the body.  I recommend 1000 mg a day for adults during flu season.


This isthe (cow) mother’s first milk.  It is an immune super power.  Bovine colostrum contains IgG, which is an antibody that provides systemic immunity.

A Flu Prevention Revolution

I would love to see flu prevention propaganda that doesn’t include the flu shot.  But, it’s not likely to happen.  Pharmaceutical companies rake in BILLIONS of dollars from flu shot’s each year.  And until we all wake up and realize they do more harm than good, things won’t change.

But now you know and knowledge is power!  Tell your friends and your neighbors!  Spread your knowledge about the dangers and ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine and the effective natural ways to prevent it. Together we can create a flu prevention revolution!  I’m hoping for a healthier world, and with your help we can see it happen!

Comment below.  I’d love to know if you get your yearly flu shot.  And if you do, are you now reconsidering getting the flu vaccine?


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