A few weeks ago, our small-town community woke up to the tragic news that Steve Ackerman, a local volunteer firefighter, lost his life in a house fire as he tried to rescue a family from the destructive flames.

Two lives were saved because of Steve’s selfless and heroic efforts.

Steve was one of those salt-of-the-earth kind of guys. Always had a smile on his face. Just 38 years young, he was physically strong.


But what stands out to me is how mentally strong he was.

Steve volunteered with the Valley Springs Fire Department for 14 years. On his final fire call, April 12th at 10pm, he rushed headlong into a burning house without any thought for his own safety.

Compare that to how most men are today, and it’s sad. Most men today are soft… Mentally weak… Selfish… Unable to control their own lazy habits, like watching TV all weekend, getting fat and drinking beer on the couch.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be like Steve. He fought for something. He didn’t hesitate to throw himself in the path of danger to help others in need.

So today, I’m doing something to make a difference, and I want you to benefit from it.

My good friend Mike Westerdal at Critical Bench just released a course called Strength Psychology, which teaches guys how to not just be physically strong, but how to be mentally strong and courageous.

Mike GilletteThe course is taught by world-renowned US tactical trainer, Mike Gillette. He’ll show you the exact-same mind-strengthening techniques he’s used to train agents in the FBI and DEA to law enforcement so you too can develop a strong mind, achieve peak performance, and deal with ANY situation… in less than 10 minutes a day.

He teaches you how to not lose your cool when things get REAL.

What good is it to be physically strong if you wimp out in the heat of the moment?

I’ve been going through this course myself this past week, and I highly recommend it to any guy who wants
to be mentally tough and prepared for anything.

Mike Gillette 2The super-cool thing is, when you buy a copy of this course for yourself, you’ll be helping honor the life of a true superhero who laid down his life for others.

100% of our sales commissions for this course will be donated to the Valley Springs Fire Department, in honor of Steve.

Even cooler… and something I’ve NEVER seen before in 11+ years of business… my friend Mike Gillete, who is publishing this product, has offered to MATCH our donation – so if you buy the course today for $49… $98 will be donated to the Valley Springs Fire Department!

This is a win-win situation. You win by getting a copy of the Strength Psychology course, where you’ll learn how to be mentally tough – like a firefighter or a cowboy (like John Wayne). And the volunteer firefighters in a small town of South Dakota win by receiving a big donation in honor of their fallen comrade.

Click here to get tough, make a difference, and understand the Psychology of Strength

Thank you for your help. It’s time like these where I’m encouraged by the support of friends like you who don’t just sit back and watch life pass them by – but stand up to help others while helping themselves.

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