For years, natural health researchers have agreed that CoQ10 is the most critical nutrient your body needs to energize your heart and body. It’s truly Mother Nature’s “miracle nutrient” because it sparks the production of ATP, your body’s most important energy source. By stoking your cellular engines, CoQ10 can help you feel young and vital, regardless of your age!

Unfortunately, supplement forms of CoQ10 have been notoriously hard to absorb. Even the most advanced forms had disappointing results for over half the people who tried them. But that’s all changed now, thanks to a surprising source: BIG PHARMA!

CoQ10 Energizes the BodyBig Pharma Secret Boosts CoQ10 Absorption and Energizing Power

I’m not often a fan of Big Pharma, but in this case I’ll stand up and cheer! That’s because a special delivery technology developed for prescription drugs has now been applied to CoQ10…with stunning results. In fact, when put to the test in rigorous human clinical studies, this unique form of CoQ10 DOUBLED blood levels in 100% of the test subjects!

How? By wrapping the CoQ10 inside an advanced ring-shaped starch molecule that’s instantly digested and absorbed into your bloodstream so it can deliver the energizing power you crave. LEARN MORE about this breakthrough science and what it means for healthy aging!

I was so impressed with the research…and with what it means for EVERYONE who wants to experience the life-changing energy boost of CoQ10…that I worked with my top-notch team at True Health™ to bring this exclusive, patented form of CoQ10 to you in a quality supplement. Ultimate CoQ10 MAX™ delivers 100 mg of Microactive® CoQ10 in every capsule.

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