The holy grail of losing weight and keeping it off could be this newly developed Superfood.

But Big Pharma wants to keep it out of your reach. All because of one life-saving ingredient.

superfood big pharma wants banned


Big Pharma wants this ingredient banned…

This ingredient also helps your mind stay sharp, fights off disease, and speeds up your metabolism which means you can lose weight and keep it off with ease.

So, if this superfood is so good for your health, you might be wondering why Big Pharma is trying to keep it away from you.

The answer is simple and it shouldn’t surprise you:

Vitamin b6 bannedMoney. Your money.

You see, they know how powerful it is for weight loss. And if they can keep it off the shelves, that means they can use it in their expensive prescriptions.

Which means more money for them and more frustration for you.

But a good friend of mine, Dr. Patrick Conrad, has found a way to get this ingredient into his new superfood.

I’m not sure how long he’ll be able to get away with it, so click here to see it for yourself.