These 7 Things Activate

Alzheimer’s in Your Brain


Alzheimer's memory lossWARNING: If you’re over the age of 45 and aren’t terrified of developing Alzheimer’s disease, you should be.

World-renowned brain expert Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that diseases affecting the brain now appear:

  • Earlier in life
  • More frequently
  • And to a much more severe degree

Dr. Blaylock has identified seven of the primary triggers that activate Alzheimer’s disease, which puts a quarter of a million Americans in nursing homes every single year.

To help as many people as possible fight back against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, now the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., Dr. Blaylock has recorded and released a video presentation highlighting these 7 things that activate Alzheimer’s in your brain.

While 1 in 8 older Americans already suffer from Alzheimer’s disease today, Dr. Blaylock offers some positive news.

These brain-devastating maladies don’t have to afflict you or your loved ones as you grow older. And even if you already show forgetfulness and mild memory loss, you can use Dr. Blaylock’s strategies to help repair the damage — but only if you know these 7 things that activate Alzheimer’s in your brain.

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