Did you “fall” for this diet fad back in the 1990’s? That was when low-fat eating was all the rage. It even made it into one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, where Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer start binging on frozen yogurt because it was labeled “low fat.”

What a joke. Literally! The low-fat diet turned out to be one of the biggest reasons we gained belly fat. I’ll admit, even I loved the idea that we could eat bags of pretzels, handfuls of low-fat cookies, buckets of rice, cheap processed bread, and second helpings of pasta and not have to worry about gaining weight.

But then I noticed my pants getting tighter. Even my butt was getting bigger.

Turns out those low-fat foods are something you should NEVER eat. Fortunately, nutrition science has caught up with the times, and today we know exactly how to eat for weight loss.

In fact, one savvy French Chef in South Florida has discovered how you can OVEREAT your favorite foods and still lose weight. He’s created over 100 recipes that show you how, and to prove it to you (because I know you’re skeptical), he’s even giving away copies of his fat burning cookbook.

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Chef Gui, who you will meet when you click the link above, is giving you recipes for the top 12 foods to overeat for weight loss, including…

12 foods to overeat to lose weight

.. And Dozens More!

In this free cookbook, you’ll discover how to turn delicious comfort foods into fast fat burning meals that everyone will love – and all while still allowing you to lose weight.

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By the way, Chef Gui Alinat is also the father of five kids. In his house, they have a STRICT food budget, and so he’ll show you how to magically transform your favorite, filling comfort foods into fat burning meals without requiring fancy, expensive ingredients – or sacrificing taste.

The end result is that you’ll finally start losing weight faster than ever while loving every bite you put in your mouth.

Claim your free copy of the Eat More Burn More cookbook

Eat more to burn more!