Love him or hate him, Trump has certainly struck a chord with a lot of people in this country.

Now he’s predicting a growing problem that could be what finally brings down the whole system.

Perhaps the biggest bubble of all.


Find out what he thinks it will be here

And while some of the things he says might be a stretch of the truth, there’s no denying he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to money and about the economy.

In fact, in his latest prediction about the coming collapse, he mentioned he doesn’t have a dime left in the stock market.

And it’s not just Trump. Other highly respected economists and investors are pulling up their chips and walking away from the table.

trumps prediction trueMy father always taught me actions speak louder than words.

And while economists and America’s financial elite will blabber all day about the economy, it’s what they do with their own money that really matters.

That’s what the rest of us should start paying attention to.

Find out what it is they know that you don’t HERE.

P.S. I know, I know you’re probably just as sick as I am of hearing about Trump in the news, but I just couldn’t ignore this. Especially when an economist I respect had this to say about the economy.