Mammograms have become somewhat synonymous with the flu shot. Many people flock to get them in the name of “prevention.” Little do they know that neither the flu shot nor the mammogram is truly healthy for the body. The flu shot is full of toxic chemicals and a mammogram scans the breast with high doses of toxic radiation. But, it all seems a bit ironic to me.

You may think that radiation is worth the cost of detecting breast cancer early. Truth is the radiation is far stronger than you may think. Mammogram radiation is 1000X stronger than a chest x-ray!

mammogram and doctorDr. Samuel Epstein, one of the nation’s top cancer experts, states, “The premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation. Each 1 rad exposure increases breast cancer risk by about 1 percent, creating a 10 percent increased risk over 10 years of breast cancer screening.” Some researchers now believe the statistics are closer to 20%. I bet your doctor didn’t tell you that!

I also bet that your doctor didn’t tell you that a mammogram might actually spread cancer cells that may already exist. That painful squeezing of a mammogram can spread the cancer cells from a growth or tumor throughout the breast tissue.

False Positives or False Alarm?

Not only are mammograms not harmless, they also have many false positives. Up to 6% of mammograms have first time false positives. Over a 10-year period, 24% of women have false positive results! These false positives can lead to even more radiation and sometimes unnecessary surgeries, biopsies and chemotherapy. Just think about the stress these women have to endure believing that they may have breast cancer when they really don’t!

There are false negative tests, too. Mammograms are not full proof and do not always detect cancer that is present. Dense breast tissue can compromise results. This explains why one year the mammogram is negative, but they may have a positive one the following year. Ultimately, a diagnosis falls upon the radiologist’s ability to interpret the scans. If you decide to have a mammogram, make sure you use an experienced radiologist with an impeccable reputation.

Safe Screening Alternative

Luckily, mammograms are not the only method of breast cancer detectionThere is a safer, more accurate test available called Thermographic Breast Screening. Thermography measures the infrared heat radiating from you body and translates it into an image. Clusters of inflamed cells can indicate cancer. Infrared “false positives” are pertinent as they indicate an abnormality of inflammation. Even if it is not cancer, the inflammation can lead to cancer or other issues.

The good news is inflammation of breast tissue can be treated with proper diet and supplements. Mammograms, on the other hand, do not detect inflamed breast tissue. In my opinion, Thermographic Breast Screening is the single most important tool in breast cancer detection.

Because of the increased risk of breast cancer from mammogram radiation, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now only recommends mammograms to women 50 and over. Breast tissue in women under 50 is much more susceptible to radiation induced cancer.

This has caused quite the controversy, as many doctors believe that mammograms should begin in women’s 40s. Thankfully, women in their 30s and 40s with a family history of breast cancer or who would like regular detection screenings have a safe alternative with thermography.

Because Thermographic Breast Screening is not as widely used, it may take some searching to find a doctor who recommends it. I found this website to be helpful in your search:  

Prevention is Most Important!

avoid breast cancer stepsAlthough detection is extremely valuable, the most important thing you can do is prevent breast cancer from ever occurring! Research shows that 40% of breast cancer cases could have been prevented by making healthy life changes!

Some simple first steps would be:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Avoiding artificial ingredients
  • Limiting excess sugar.
  • Taking a good multi-vitamin and a quality fish oil like omega-3s, which have been shown to prevent breast cancer.
  • Most importantly, avoid prescription hormones and birth controls like the plague. These chemical hormones can double your risk of getting breast cancer!

Your doctor may not tell you the dark side of mammograms, but I just did. Please consider Breast Thermography Screening as a safe alternative. If we as women began to voice our opinions about the dangers of mammograms and the benefits of thermography, the medical establishment will have no choice but to change their ways. It is my hope that in the next 10 years, thermography will be the breast cancer detection tool of choice by doctors.

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